Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comforter Craziness

We're scheduled to enter peak foliage (sp???) in the next two weeks. This year I am not, not going up to Door County to look at the leaves and also pick some apples from the orchards in the area. I really want to make some homemade apple crisp. Yum! I never used to be a fall person. I am such a summer person that I think I went into mini-denial in Sept, Oct, and Nov that summer was over. The of course it gets snowy and freezing up north here so I start hating life again for the next few months until the cold is over. But I am becoming a fall lover. I love wearing flip-flops, jeans and a hoodie and night. I like the warm 70s sun (although this summer was sooooo beyond below average that's what we've been having for months already, boo!) and then the crisp evenings. I love having the windows open and getting a little chilled at night so I finally cuddle under one of my tied fleece blankets. K starts to dred the bed changes. You see, I am a blanket whore. I am. I am a sucker for all blankets cuddly and soft. I'm like a child with a security blanket. Except I have a million of them. He tells me no more blankets. I figure out ways to get them in the house. My favorite blanket/comforter is one that was from his family.

Now you might picture a beautiful quilt or a pretty floral comforter. Not this one. This one is a running joke between his family and me. It is ratty as all hell. It's like a cream color now. Might have been white or light pink. His mom doesn't even remember because it's so old. She thinks that they got it when the got married (almost 30 yrs ago). It's not down. It's ripped and battered. But I LOVE it. My project in the next few weeks is to re-cover it. I have been putting it in a duvet the last few years to protect it but the covering of the comforter itself is see-through thin. I've had fun sewing it up over the last 6 yrs with multi-colored thread. I'm going to try just sew fabric around the edges and over the top and then make little square sections by sewing over top to lock the batting in. I'm afraid it wont be as soft anymore :o( I seriously need help. The thought of killing my blanket is sending me into near hysterics. Lord help me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So much schoolwork

I really feel like a student again. Holy crap did I have a busy weekend. I spent the majority of my time reading chapters, taking notes, writing reports. I know all my tedious note taking is helping because I have gotten all A's on my tests so far. But damn my hand hurts!!

I haven't really been reading for SuBC as much as I want to. I have finished books three and four in the Jessica Darling series and am in the middle of the final book. Next up is Hedge Fund Wives. Sounds decent. I need some mindless chick lit after all the school work.

A week from today is my first day back working. I'm really not looking forward to it. The extra money yes, but having no time for anything, no way. I know it will be a major time management struggle. The commute will suck. I don't even really like my job, but it's what I have been doing for a while now so I guess I'll survive.

If my body decides to stay on track, AF should be here this weekend. I doubt it. Af never shows when she should. I know that there really isn't too much hope for a BFP from this cycle. We tried...but I think it will be all injectibles soon. I'm really hoping that we just dont do another clomid cycle with trigger. Idk. I just am starting to lose hope. I'm starting to let go of the jealousy I have had over my friends babies. Not because it doesn't hurt but because I just wonder if it will ever happen for us. The last few weeks, actually months, have been really hard for me to keep my chin up. I've had some rough weeks in dealing with my self-esteem. I've felt broken, useless, ugly, everything. I keep telling K that I am a fat infertile unemployed loser. He's of course gotten upset that I even say it. I know I'm half joking when I say it. But it's hard to stay positive all the time. I try. I really do. Some days are just hard.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


::::Edit::: After looking at this a day later...I should have specified for anyone NOT from the boards. O = ovulate....not the other O! Oops, hahaha.

You read that right - I O'd!!! Completely and utterly unexpected of course. I haven't O'd in God knows how long. I didn't know I still could. Of course we were at the in-laws with my BIL sleeping a mere 15 feet from us in the adjoining area of the room. And the bedroom is right off the kitchen. SIL and her bf were also there for the weekend. It made for an interesting time. I dont hold out much hope for a bfp but who knows, right?? I'm not going to get my hopes up that's for sure.

The weekend was wonderful. The surprise 80th birthday party for my grandma went off without a hitch. I gave a little speech and I didn't even make it to the second sentence before I broke down and cried. She means the world to me. I'm so glad we were able to give her a great weekend.

I have a second interview with a company that is in town tomorrow morning...well actually this morning now. I know I have already accepted the other job, but I am very interested in this job as well. It is local so I wont have that long commute. That means I wouldn't have to worry about buying a new SUV right away. And if they want to pay me more, I will definately consider it. Speaking of cars though. We have been looking and we have narrowed down the types we want. Either a BMW X5 or a Mercedes Benz M Class M500. Of course used. We're not millionaires here, come on, lol. But honestly, for the years we were looking at, with low mileage on Duragnos, Trailblazers, Envoys...the X5 and ML500 are around the same price. So yeah...I'll take the luxury ones please and thank you. BUT I really would love to get another year out of my Blazer. I love it, quirks and failures and all :o) So if that in town job works out...I can keep it. I'm sure there's more that I can post, but I really need to get to bed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chicago for the long weekend :o)

I am so excited to go home for 4.5 days starting tomorrow. Its my Grandma's 80th bday on Friday and we are going to dinner with lose family that night and then we have a surprise sit down dinner bash for her on Saturday. As far as I know, she has no clue. I'm so excited!!!
I have been bad about reading for the SuBC the last week. I didn't get anything done. I had a great average going of two books per week.....yeah not so much last week. I'm hoping I can get a bunch in while on the road and relaxing this weekend. Next up I think I am going to read The Luxe and Rumors as well as the next two books in the Jessica Darling series.
I responded to a thread on the crafts board about what Christmas projects I wanted to get done. I hadn't really thought of it, but I want to get a pair of stockings made for K and me, a crocheted baby blanket for Kristy's baby, a snowmen cross stitch that I have been "working on" for the last two years. I say "working on" because I haven't picked it up in about a year and don't regularly work on it at all. Somewhere in there I'd probably like to make a few homemade cards for close family members. Whew...that's a lot to get done on top of my classes and working and possibly moving. YIKES!!
And to round out this Yes. I need to stop talking about it and actually DO IT! I'm terrible about this. I know it is only beneficial for my health. I'm not a whale, although I feel like one but I definately could stand to lose some lbs. So yeah...I need to be held accountable. This weekend is out, I know, way to start the excuse train, but honestly, 4.5 days of parties and good, gooey, wonderful Chicago food is what I need to end my fatty days.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things are looking up

I got a JOB!!! Yup. And I don't want it, lol. Long story, but here it goes. I got my old job back....just at a different location. My ex-director heard about it opening up at that location and passed it on to me. I contacted HR and then interviewed with the new location and they offered me the job! Same salary, but a bitch of a commute now :o( So that sucks. But see the reason I am not jumping for joy is that we might be moving!!! K might have an opportunity to move out of state to continue working on the project he has been working on. It could be an case of where he moves into a more senior, go-to-guy type of role. That would be awesome for him. I'm a little nervous. The area has been badly affected by the economic downturn, but I think that it could be poised for a good rebound.

So yeah...if it happens, it would happen rather quickly. Hense why I am not sure I want to start this job. I don't know how that would affect my unemploment if I start and then have to leave the job. I just don't know. So many things are swimming through my brain at this point.

On top of that, my classes started. I am a little overwhelmed...but I will get through it. I hope, lol. I haven't taken classes in so long and these are online courses through my old school so the work load is fairly heavy. Wish me luck!