Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a week!

Phew! That was some week. I took 4 tests, wrote two papers and completed about 5 other assignments. Gotta love mid-terms time. I forgot all about this time in a semester. It's been so long since I've had to worry about it! But I survived. I got 4 A's which is great. In the class that I forgot to take the quiz/test, the teacher posted some extra credit assignments that can be done before the end of the term. They probably wont add up to enough points to cover the lost points I have, but it's something :o)

I have finished two new ribbon wreaths. One went with my dad and stepmom to bring to my grandma when they go to Texas to visit her in a couple weeks. The other is here. I'll have to take some pics and post. It's a Halloween one and it is probably my cutest one yet, if I do say so myself.

We found a house I fell in love with. It was all that I wanted in a starter/family house. It's a short sale and has had 4 other offers fall through due to the time issues that short sales bring on. I called to go visit it again tonight, afer seeing it for the first time on Sunday at an open house, and there is another accepted offer already! The last contract just fell through last Wednesday. I am so beyond bummed. My hope is that the person who put the offer in was trying to get in before the end of the 8k fed refund. While that moeny would be awesome, we dont really care about it. We're not going to buy a house just to buy a house. But I definately would have bought this house! It had a huge pool, great yard, 4 bed, 2 bath, vaulted ceilings, two car garage with an extra pad for our boat. Yuck yuck yuck. I want that house. I'll still keep my fingers crossed. I told the agent to keep my name and number and if anything happened on that contract, to call me right away.

The job is.....eh. I am getting used to it and it has turned into something tolerable. I keep telling myself that I am just doing it for the paycheck, it gives us the flexibility for more IF treatment, to buy a nicer house, to travel (yeah right, we never get around to it, ha!) and less over all stress. So, I'm dealing. The department is new to the company so it's definately a learning curve. Hopefully it works out, I like feeling productive with my days instead of endless Law and Order episode watching.

I'm doing ok on the diet. Weekends I'm less strict, but I've been doing ok. This weekend all bets are off though. I can't wait to dig into some Chicago foods. Nothing better than pizza, mexican and hot dogs ( No, not all at one time, haha).

There's plenty more to write about but it's getting late, I'm tired, and it's chilly in here :o)

Monday, October 19, 2009

So Stressed

I'm still alive. I'm a big stress ball again, of course. I'm not really that happy with the new job. It's a tiny pay increase and at least I'm working, but still. I just dont like it. It's not what they made it out to be, that's for sure. It makes me all the more want to be full time back in school. Speaking of school...I am so stressed about keeping up. I missed a quiz I was supposed to take for class. Yeah, and the prof is a douche. She is not going to let me make it up. It's my fault in the end, I've just been so insane lately with work, doctors visits, other schoolwork, looking at houses, cleaning, I'm overwhelmed. I really am. I'm trying to keep it together but it's not working all that well. Oh and on top of that, I'm dieting. Shoot me now. It's been ok, but I gorged on tacos tonight. Way to go. I'm on CD 9 of a clomid + trigger cycle. Fingers crossed although I am so pessimistic its pathetic. We are rapidly approaching the 2 yr mark. So depressing. Sorry this will be so short, but I've got studying and more cleaning to do before the weekend (dad and sm are coming up). I'll try to not be such a bad blogger. I have finished some books and have a few recipes to share if I ever get a moment.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

If I Won the Lottery

No, I didn't win. It would be nice though. I just happen to be watching the TLC about lottery winners. It looks so wonderful :o) So what would I do if I won "the big one?" I think my list would look something like this ( in no particular order )
1) Pay off all our debt. Bye bye student loans. Good riddance!!!
2) Buy a new truck (SUV) since we are planning on doing that this year anyway
3) Not start my new job on Monday and make going to the gym my job
4) Go to the best infertility specialists and get KTFU right away
5) Actually take a real honeymoon. Yeah we never took a real one. I want!!
6) Probably buy a house, nothing ridiculous though, just something nice we like
7) Take trips with my grandparents. I want to go to Ireland with one Grandma and the other one would probably just love to go on a casino road trip, lol. She loves her slots :o)
The rest...wait to do anything with it. Help out close (think immediate and a select cousins) if needed but I don't really want to much other than a baby and a comfortable home. I'm easy to please like that, HA! I guess the only step now is to win it. I suppose that means I actually have to play the lotto though...

Other than my daydreaming...Yup, starting the new job on Monday. I am nervous/excited. I can't wait to have that pay check rolling in again. Lord will that feel wonderful. I have a plan of what I want monetarily for the next year or so and I really want to accomplish those goals.

I went in to have my hormone levels tested again. I should have those results by Tuesday. If she tells me that I have to do a round of BCPs to try to regulate, I'm going to be super annoyed. I just want to get the show on the road. It's ridiculous. I have some arbitrary date in mind that I want to be pregnant by - March. Next month marks two years trying to conceive. I want a child before we hit three years. Meeting my friend K's newborn really hit me hard. He is a delightful baby. I love him so much and it makes me want to give him a little buddy so bad so that they can grow up together.

In regards to the SuBC, I finished with 180 pts! Far below the ones that finished the entire challenge with 450 pts, but I ended up being in about the middle of the pact so I'm proud of that. The last month I really didn't do any leisure reading due to school and family being here/traveling back home. This time around my goal is to hit 250 pts and be closer to the top quarter of people in the challenge.