Sunday, December 6, 2009

I have no time for anything

So many things have been going on. I am so exhausted and I really want a day to just sleep. First things first, they fired the other woman that does my position at work so my workload doubled. They are hoping to make a decision between two candidates tomorrow. One of them is another girl that worked with me at my last job who was also laid off with me. I'm really hoping she gets the job because I get along with her great and I know she'd be fine in the position. On top of that, this week they are moving us out of our building across the street to our other main building (in hopes of eventually selling off the smalled building)....that's all fine and dandy but I just spent the last week sprucing up my office, decorating with some lights, etc. So nice of them to tell me to not bother and wait until we move. I hate (!!!) the new space. It's in with all the engineers and designers and we aren't going to be really seperated from everyone else. In the building I'm in now, it is me and my two interns in our own seperate room/office. They are only part time so I get a nice big room to myself more than half of the time, which I like. Blah. I know I'll get over it but still. Not a happy camper.

We have still been looking for that elusive house. And we found it, offered on it and lost out to some shadyass deal. We will never get the full true story but the listing agent pulled some fast shit on us. Whatever, FU. Coming from being in the real estate industry at one point, I know I can try to fight it, but in the end, Wisconsin real estate law sucks sometimes. The silver lining is that we have looked at about 60 houses now and while we haven't found one exactly like waht we found, we *think* we may have another serious contender. It is nothing like the other one but we think it will work for what we want. The main thing is to get ourselves into a house. I'm tired of renting. I want something that is ours and that we can fix up to what we want. This one is a little more work, but not terrible work. It's been in the same hands for 40 years so it's got the wonderful lime green shag carpet going on, the awesome panelling, the outdated kitchen but it also has a lot of space for us. In most of the older homes we've been looking at, the basements are what we refer to as Wisconsin shitbox basements. Ones that are nasty and unfinishable. This one isn't like that. In fact it's partially finished already (albeit with said green shag and faux wood) so that is awesome. I really don't want to get to excited about it though. In 2.4 years we've put offers in on 6 houses and the most random razy ass thing always turns them upside down on us. I'm hoping lucky number 7 works for us. We did get married on 777 so I'm hoping those 7s pull it out for us.

School for this semester is almost over. I can't wait. I can't stand one teacher. She is a moron and shouldn't be teaching but that's a long story and it's late, lol. I have to get one quiz in tonight yet and I just honestly dont care how it turns out. I really dont and I know that's bad. Oh well. It's a class that wont count towards anything.

On the baby front, a few things have been going on. I started acupuncture and am loving it. I think it's helping. I know that in the two sessions that I have had so far I have come home and crashed. That is nice. I induced AF and this is CD7 and I am taking my last dose of 150 Clomid. Hopefully this trigger cycle works. I'm not putting much stock in it so as to not be super upset if we get a bfn. This time AF has been a much more normal (although semi-heavy) period. I haven't had it like this in a long time so I'm really hoping I actually O. Next cycle will be in the new year and we have signed up for an FSA now that K's allows IF treatment to be used for expenses. So for sure, I dont care, its happening, we are moving on to IUIs and I will push the injectibles right away rather than start femara. I'm not sure if I blogged previously about it or not, but K had a repeat SA and his numbers were excellent so we are very relieved it's only me that is messed up, lol.

Diet wise...yeah not so much good news to report. I'm still the same. I feel uber bloated though. No more excuses...I'm going to be better.

Ok, well I think I got a lot updated, I have such a busy week ahead I hope I can find time to relax. I know I need to. I think my acu is afraid I'm going to have a meltdown soon with how tightly I'm wound. Never used to be this way but it is what it is. Life is just stressful sometimes. The holidays always add in more stress (well...if you have my family that is but that is a whole 'nother post).