Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Belated Christmas

So I didn't have time to update before I left. Sue me ;o) That was a crazy few days, followed by more insanity. The short version is, I had a great time being home and in Texas. We went home Thursday night, hung out with his family and called it a night. Xmas eve morning we met my dad for breakfast and to exchange gifts.

So then we celebrated with my mom's side at my Gram's house. We went back to my ILs and celebrated with them after that! I don't think we all went to bed before 3am. MIL was hilarious this year because normally we open gifts and spend most of Christmas day with them. With us leaving this year, everyone rearranged to be with us on the 24th, which is also SIL & FIL's bdays! MIL usually buys me pajamas every year, which I love. This year FIL and BIL needed a new pair too. So what does she do? She went and bought everyone these green and blue plaid flannel jammies that are hilarious. They were all huge on us girls, the crotch around the knees. The facial hair of the guys made them all look like creepy rapers at first. Anyway, she somehow managed to get us all into them to open our presents and we had our own Griswald family Christmas. You know you're a bunch of hilljackers when gifts include guns, gun parts, ammo, car parts and booze. Yup. I love this family, in a pink puffy stuffed animals kinda way. They had me at hello. I love that over the last 8 years I've gone from a pampered princess who didn't know how to put windshield wiper fluid into her car or how to cook a meal from scratch to an gun shooting, cooking/baking lover, renovating diva! Not that I am awesome at any of those things...but at least I try!

So where was I...oh yeah the pajamas. The ILs spoiled us all this year. We got this awesome replica Stanley Cup trophy from the Bradford Exchange from the Chicago Blackhawks championship last season. It is beyond cool. It will look awesome on the bar in our sports room downstairs...if we ever get to finish it, lol. I got the Michael Jackson Wii game, the Epic Mickey Wii game (hey Walt...did you get it too?!?), gift cards to Joann's, Home Depot, Chilis, Olive Garden (ok, we rarely go to those two places but I appreciate them and I'll take a free meal out with K!) and some other places. I think that my favorite gift has to be the trip. I am lumping that in with the gifts because my dad and other grandma gave us some money that offset the cost for us even more.

To say that my grandma was surprised would be a gross understatement. She opened the door and saw us both there and she lost it. She loved it. Of course her first words were "What the HELL are you doing here?!" I told her I could leave if she wanted me to :o) This is my "fun" grandma. Not that my other one isn't fun but this one loves to gamble, drink a few beers, swear, watch trashy tv - she's the one who had me watching her soaps from the age of 5 until present. It's nothing out of the ordinary for one of us to call the other to call a character on the show a lying, cheating whore. We're so nice. Last time I surprised her her first words were "You little shit!" While down there I learned that they think BFF means best fucking friend. I think that is forever how I will refer to this phrase now. It has a much sweeter ring to it, doesn't it? lol

K saw first hand what I have been telling him about Texas all these years. I have loved this state from the first time I stepped foot in it. There's something casual and homey about it. Sure there are things about some of it's conservativeness that would drive me crazy but it's the same here. I would move down there in a heartbeat. Now K is seriously considering it. He liked where my g-parents live. I gave him the grand tour of the area (not that much to show, lol!) and it fits him. Maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to make the move someday.

Ok...other than all that...I am out of updates. The Culligan man was just hear installing our new water softener. Buhbye iron! Good riddance! Our bed is finally going to be delivered today, in a couple hours hopefully. It was supposed to be in weeks ago, by Dec 3rd but they were back-ordered. I called to complain and got free delivery and set up out of it so I guess that works. Now of course I need to go clean up under the bed. I do NOT want to be completely embarrassed when they are here. :o) Pics of trip and the longer rant of the state of my (un)employed ass to come later.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So I'm NOT an employee again

This calls for a longer post. It really does. However, I don't have time right now so I'll edit it later. Basically the recruiter and his agency and my boss couldn't come to terms with my contract and how I was going to be paid so I can't go in anymore legally according to my recruiter. They should have had all their shit ironed out before I started. I'm pissed at the whole situation. Anyway...I'll be back to update as long as I get all the shit done on my list before we leave for Chicago tomorrow and Texas on Saturday.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Things dogs do

There's a catchy title huh? And no I'm not talking about doggie style either. This is just about (trying to) having sex in a household with a dog. A whackadoodle dog. Having sex in a household with a dog shouldn't be hard, right? Wrong. So dead wrong.

Picture yourself making out with your SO. Things are getting a little frisky. It's not baby-making sex. You're finally having sex because you want sex and you don't care if his sperm miraculously finds your egg. It's naughty time. Let's say things start off while you're at the kitchen sink washing dishes and somebody comes up behind you and starts rubbing your back. A little kiss here and there...a little groping...clothes coming off. Kitchen sex? Niiice. Oh but's 5 o'clock and the mutt knows it's 5 o'clock and since it's 5 o' he wants to eat. He neeeeds to eat. If he doesn't eat he'll just die right.this.instant. And so there you are laying on the ground with SO half nekked and the dog is dropping his bowl next to your head because, well, that's what he does when it's food time. Or when he's thirsty. Or just because he thinks he gets a treat. So you laugh, jump up and throw some food and water into his dishes and you guys decide to go to the bedroom since he's now eating right there. Seems like a good plan huh?

Now picture you're in the bedroom and you hear the click click click of his little whackadoodle paws down the hallway to your room. The door is shut but not locked. Doesn't matter anyway..he'll just scratch at the door and cry bloody murder that you, god forbid, left.him.alone.for.five.minutes! The nerve. So he manages to open the flippin cheap ass door and you both laugh again because at least he's cute, right?

Except now you have a cheering section. And he's protective of his people. So he might not know that getting up on his hind legs so he can see better and protect us is not what we were after. Nor were we in the mood to have him jump up and try to lay down at the foot of the bed...where we were. So when you push him down he gets pissy. And he steals your underwear. Again. And you don't figure it out until you're trying to get dressed and you can't find them. Again. And when you do, the crotch is completely eaten. Again. That makes pair number 3 in two weeks. And this time you even put them in your jeans in the hamper thinking he wouldn't get them. Little whackadoodle fucker.

Ah the joys and unexpectancies of being a 4 year old puppy owner.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Day


I Got A Job! Yup yup yup. I got the call this morning, accepted and got my first assignment (um...anyone have some notary info they can share, lol). I start full time on Monday. Woo Hoo! So now I have decided that this weekend is going to be me + my jammers + Christmas movies and that's about it.

Tomorrow during the day I am going to be doing a bit of running around and then I'm going out for drinks for a friend's 30th birthday. Friday is K's company's holiday party. I also don't plan on doing anything but sleep in on Friday, try to clear out the dvr of my soaps and relax. Ahhhh, the last days of nothingness.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Piss in your Cheerios

So I don't really have a point to this entry. I wouldn't blame you if you skipped reading. I was talking with "Walt" today and we were laughing because it seems like her wtf face came over to me today and pissed in my cheerios. You know how you have those days where you really don't have anything terribly specific to be upset or angered by but yet you are? That's me today. I was in a fine mood until I got home from my interview this morning. I got home and idk...just seemed like I changed out of my good mood when I changed out of my suit.

The interview on Friday went well and led to the working interview yesterday. I was there from about 1 to almost 5. I'm not completely sure when the decision will be made but hopefully soon. I also had that second interview with the other company from last week today. I felt like I was in front of a firing squad. I met with two executive directors and two upper level managers. Nothing like bringing on the pressure right off the bat. I think overall it went very well and they seemed to like me. I know they mentioned that they had another interview this afternoon, one on Friday and one on Monday so I don't expect to hear from them before early to mid next week.

K's birthday was Friday and his parents came up and we had a good time this weekend. The only thing that I am slightly annoyed with is that he in fact DID have a good birthday (see, I told you, piss in cheerios today). I'm a birthday person. Some people are, some aren't. I get excited for anyone's birthday. I love celebrating days people were born and I like when it's my turn. Anyway, the last two of mine have sucked. This past one K didn't even get me a card. Nothing. I play the martyr and told him not to buy me any presents because we didn't need to spend the money (which is true, I don't need gifts). So he listened. A little too well. I mean, I would have been super happy to get a simple post-it birthday note from him. Maybe some flowers. Nope. So last month he got this $20 off $100 coupon from Guitar Center. And there was this amp that he just had to have. So I let him get it. I told him, It's your birthday, Christmas and Valentine's Day present from me to you. We're not big gift people. Except it seems I'm always still buying him gifts for bdays and holidays while I get shafted. And we have the discussion each time about how I would be fine with just a card. And yet it never seems to change.

What else am I irrationally angered by today? Who knows. ;o) We're heading to Red Robin so he can collect his free birthday burger and then doing more Christmas shopping. Maybe I'll buy myself something, hahahaha. Bah Humbug. (oh and I reserve the right to delete part of this when I start feeling guilty later on :o)  )

Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3rd, 2nd post - the sad one, RIP Ronnie

I wish I wasn't writing this but I am. Chicago is mourning a huge, huge loss today. Ron Santo, Ronnie to the world, passed away overnight. I never knew Ronnie personally but I am mourning non-the-less. I couldn't stop crying before and after the interview. To some, this might sound completely irrational. Crying big alligator tears for some baseball player and commentator?? You've never grown up with Ronnie if you think this way. I wish there was a way to put him into a simple explanation. There's just no possible way to do that. I'm not even a Cubs fan. I'm a southsider - The White Sox have always been my team. However, I married into a Cubbie family. I gained a friend when listening to the radio for Cubs games. Ronnie was everyone's friend. He was the biggest fan of the Cubs and baseball in general. A phenomenal third baseman, number 10 has been shafted by the Hall of Fame for far too long. He was one of the best "things" about the game. He's so endearing to K and me that we joked that if we have twin boys, we might have to name them Pat and Ronnie, as the signature signoff goes.

Ronnie had a way about him. You couldn't help but become utterly entertained by him. He could talk balls and strikes and throw a conversation about birthday cakes into the count, " Pat, what's your favorite birthday cake?" "Carrot is my fav Ron....(around 2 minutes on is this long conversation and it is beyond priceless, especially at minute 4)" One of the funniest radio conversations I ever heard from him was while we were actually on our way to Wrigley to catch a game against Cincinnati, he was talking about the Red's Wily Mo Pena. I can still hear him stop mid-sentence about Pena's threat to the Cubs and exclaim "Hey Pat (his co-host)! He spells it like Wily Coyote (even though he doesn't..)! Heheh. Who would you be Pat? The roadrunner or Wily? That roadrunner is a tricky little devil." Pat couldn't respond because he was chuckling so hard.

He wasn't the type of commentator that was PC about his disappointments. When they bumbled, he expressed exactly what you were thinking at home. He shrieked and shouted and hollered. He cried. He butchered names. Did you know that WGN radio, the Cubs radio home, never had a delay...until the Cubs acquired Kosuke Fukudome. He couldn't get Fukudome out right (Foookadohmeh) It came out Fuckadoomey. Classic.
 Ron lost both of his legs to complications from diabetes not too many years ago. He was never one to complain. He never let on if something was bothering him - unless of course a Cubbie struck out or dropped a routine fly ball. He wore his heart on his sleeve and he never gave up on those bad news Cubs. When his number was retired at Wrigley, there were no dry eyes in the vicinity. As he put it, That was HIS Hall of Fame. I'm so sorry that he will never see himself get inducted. It's a shame on the sport that you weren't inducted years ago. You should be inducted both as a player and a broadcaster.
Yes Ronnie, you will be missed. Not just by your family, former teammates, coworkers and biggest fans. You will be missed by everyone who knows and loves Chicago baseball. You were and will continue to be the best Cub in my book. Thank you for all that you have done for health research & fundraising, for baseball, for the greatest city in the world and for radio listeners. God Speed, Rest in Peace. This Sox fan declared today that for the next year I shall be a Cubs fan in your honor. Maybe you can pull some strings from above and help these boys bring it on home. We love you Ronnie and you will be missed undeniably so.

For those not in the know:

December 3rd, 1st post - the happy one

Today is K's birthday and he ended up taking a half day off of work. His parents and brother are coming up after all. His bro got a meeting scheduled with the football coach at UWO for tomorrow morning. It wouldn't be K's bday if his parents didn't come up. What a momma's boy ;o) That's ok. I love them. I like when they come up here.

The other good part of the day - the interview went well I think. I have a second one on Monday afternoon. Good things are happening finally! Thanks for all the emails and comments wishing me good luck! They really keep my spirits up!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd...not too shabby either

Well, I am definitely liking December so far! I got a call from the recruiter again and he said that he was sending my resume off to another potential employer and he thought I had a great chance for getting an interview. And I DID! I have one for tomorrow morning with this new potential job. I went and got may nails done. I was growing the fakies out and thought this weekend I would give myself a manicure and get them looking decent but this was sooo much easier. Now I'm back to having a fun time typing. They squared them off a little more than I normally like, even though I said to round them. Eh, whatever. I can deal.

Tomorrow is K's birthday and I'm going to have to bake him something to bring in to work. I can't decide what to make and he doesn't really care what I make. He said cookies will be easiest so I guess that's where I will start.

Wish me luck tomorrow (please and thanks)!!!

December starts off with a bang!

I had this saved as a draft from this afternoon but I'm glad I didn't post it. I heard an update from my recruiter. He said that in talking to the HR chick at K's company that she said it was between me and one other person and that I was the front runner. However, they decided to make the job a little different than what they intended, something about making it more math based (?wth?) and thus they are re-evaluating who they need to be interviewing. Awesome huh? I guess on one hand I'm pretty happy that I was the front runner. On the other hand, I wish they had said there were 500 applicants and 100 of them were rocket scientists so I had no shot ;o)

While on the phone with him I had another call come through and it was some other potential job calling me! I applied to this job about a month ago and I remember telling K about it. I thought it sounded interesting and I didn't know if they would call me because it was in a different industry but doing sort of the same skill set. Well, she called and it went well. She wants me to come in for an interview with the managers I would be reporting to next Tuesday! I'm so excited. I really hope it goes well and I get the position. I'm not sure what a starting date would be. With the holidays approaching I wonder when they would want the person they choose to start? I would start whenever they would want me to but I'd also love it if they want someone Jan 3rd ;o) Then I can still not have to worry about the holiday travel being crunched.

Speaking of the holiday travel...I've been looking into cashing in my rewards points through Chase and I had enough on Monday to almost cover my plane ticket to see my Grandma. Today the plane tickets shot up almost $300 more!!! I'm so bummed. I hope that they go back down. K and I really want to go. His company does a shutdown. Normally he will work it because the plant workers are the ones that have the true shut down but this year they are saying that they are doing software updates and you can't be in the building. He says they are full of shit. But that's a week off for him that doesn't count against his vacation time.

Last night while on the phone with my dad I ended up telling him about our possible plans. It stemmed from him calling and asking what we wanted for Christmas. I told him cash. He replied, what about gift cards? I said cash is cool. He said what about gift cards? I said dad, cash is just fine. He said what about gift cards. I gave up and was like Menards or Joanns, whatever. When I called him back I told him that I said cash because we would take that and apply that to the cost of our airfare for going down there. He was surprised. He goes "You want to fly down to see Grandma? That's cool. She'd love it!" I said, yeah that's why I said cash so it would bring our costs down. There's nothing I *need* this Christmas (other than a job or new truck, lol) nor is there anything out there this year that I want want want. He told me "Hmmm, that's sounds good about your trip. Let me talk to (stepmom) about it and get her opinion. I'll get back to you." I shook my head and got a tad frustrated. Why does she have to have a say in what he gets his daughter? I'm sure he doesn't get veto power with what she wants to get her kids. I'm sure he quite frankly doesn't CARE what they get her kids. He goes with the flow. So why can't he just make the decision to help pay for our trip? I know I don't get to dictate presents and I'll be gracious with whatever they do or do not get me but I know he probably really wants us to go down there. He loves his mom and he knows that she loves me like no other. I'm her only grandchild. I'm her life and he knows it. She would be beyond excited for us to show up on her doorstop on Christmas Day. She would scream, cry and jump for joy. I know her. I want to do this for her. I surprised her once before for Mother's Day and it made her year. K has never been to TX to visit her or my grandpa so I know this would be the best present we could give her.

So....keep your fingers crossed for me that things start to work out. The truck is almost ready to drive again (hopefully), the job interview, the trip....I hope December 2010 brings a wonderful ending to an otherwise disappointing and frustrating year.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Didn't get the job

I made a follow up phone call to the recruiter who was responsible for sending my resume to K's company and thus resulting in that interview a couple weeks ago. He heard back this morning that they are going to go with someone else. :o( He is supposed to have a meeting with the HR person I interviewed with tomorrow to see if he can get some feedback so I hope to get some sort of insight into what they were really looking for. I hate how you can second guess every little word and phrase and tone in an interview. Did I sound upbeat and energetic enough? Did I sound like I would be a great employee? Did I answer that question to fast, slow? I hate interviewing for a job. I always feel like the kid not picked on the playground lately. This sucks.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A day late...but Happy Thanksgiving

There aren't enough words to say how thankful I am to have great friends and a (mostly) wonderful family. So for all of you, I am very thankful to have you in my life in some way or another.

And the rest will have to wait until another day to tell you all about the Thanksgiving festivities a chez Rachael. I'm too damn tired to even type ;-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Food Post

I have to make sure I link to this Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting I just made. I posted it on my other blog Gimmie S'More. It's spectacular (the cake that is, duh.) I had to make sure my readers here know about this wonderful dessert in case someone still looking for a dessert to make for Thanksgiving.

Banana Cake @ Gimmie S'more

Friday, November 19, 2010

Not quite as agitated post

I have had time to calm down since the last post. K is going to work on the truck this weekend and next. I'm praying he can fix it. If not, we have some backup plans. The thing is, we can technically afford another car payment. I just really don't want to. Not with me not working, not with us not being able to add anything to our savings, not with the house renos and IF struggles. My mom has offered us her car if we need it. She's been wanting to get a new car for a while and if it comes to it, I'll take her up on the offer but we'll see. K and I are keeping our eyes open for a cheap SUV/truck that we can pay cash for. I don't need anything fancy. I've never really been a huge car person. I don't need fake wood grain trim and in dash gps. So...I guess I am calming down.

What helps is that I had a phone interview yesterday!!! I am registered with a few staffing firms and one of them told me that he was sending my resume for a position with K's company. I have applied and applied to them before but haven't gotten anywhere with doing it on my own. So I was very skeptical about them actually contacting me. Sure enough, Bill, my staffing firm guy, called me yesterday morning and scheduled for them to call me yesterday afternoon. I spent the whole day practicing phone interview questions and brushing up on some software knowledge. I think it paid off. I think I did well and came across as a great candidate. Now I wait to see if I get a face to face interview. I pray I can somehow land this job. It's a BIG step up career-wise for me. And it comes with a hefty pay raise. Plus I'd be working for the same company as K and that means the same vacation time (and they are generous with that). So please...if you have job dust and T&Ps to spare, I would appreciate them!

In other news...the craft room is being stocked  now! Unfortunately my good luck with the hardwood floors cleaning up nicely in the bedrooms came to an end with this room. This room wasn't in good condition once I got all the glue up. Some boards have to be replaced without a doubt and it all has to be sanded and refinished. So in the meantime, we got a huge area rug remnant and put it down for now. We moved what used to be our pantry armoire in our apartment into the room and I folded all my fabric and put that away in there. It makes a perfect fabric storage solution. I have a loooooot of fabric. The desk will be brought in tonight, along with the old living room couch. Until the basement is done I think I'll keep it up here so we have one more bed (it's a sleeper) that is usable. The guitars can get hung on the yarn can get put away. I am so giddy right now. As K said last night, "It is starting to feel like we really did buy a 3 bedroom house after all!"

Other tasks for the weekend, finish putting the trim back up in our bedroom. Paint closet doors in living room. Rearrange our bedroom furniture and mop/sweep in there (holy crap I started to get craft storage out from under our bed and it was nasty under there. I was so embarrassed and skeeved out). What else...clean out the garage enough to get the cars rearranged. Continue working on the basement...lots of things. I still am trying to figure out a way to get to Chicago to pick up all that stuff. Exhausted already!

Well, in less than a week I will have 9 people in my house celebrating Thanksgiving...not a moment to spare to get things done :o) Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can I puh-lease catch a friggin break?!

Just one.

That's all I really need. Just one.

K took my truck to work today and he was smelling an anti-freeze type smell when he got to work and then again when he got home. Sure as shit, my engine is leaking all sorts of fucking fluids. Green, orangish-red, water....why not right?

He thinks it's a cracked intact manifold gasket. Whatever the hell that is. All I know is that by the sound of his voice, I know it won't be an easy thing for him to fix. He said he is going to try, that's the best he can do. I hope he is able to do it himself. The repair bill on something like that will be sky high if we take it in. The Blazer is old, in shitty condition (other than the interior, go figure) and has been on its last legs for awhile. Please be resurrected my little green buddy. I love you. You can do it.

Yes I am willing my vehicle to work. That's all I've got. I could go kick it but I'm pretty sure with the way things are going lately I'd just end up breaking my foot. Which the hubs might have done tonight to boot (har har har). He was walking past me to go to the sliding door to let the dog out and somehow managed to stumble and his foot and the dining chair collided. It's a lovely shade of purple now. He flipped from the pain and the frustration. I cried because I feel helpless.

I don't know what to do anymore. I'm feel like the biggest loser because I can't find a decent paying job that will hire me. I'm going to have to find two crappy ass jobs soon just so I can afford the car payment I'll need to get back and forth to the two crappy ass jobs. ( I know I am not really in the position to be picky about cars but we really do need at least another suv to replace this one. Every Saturday we have to take our trash to the drop off location. We do not have trash service on our street. Country living baby...even though we're barely outside of city limits. So I'm not throwing trash bags in the backseat of my car. Not happening. We have things we need to tow. Can't tow what we need to in a car. We live in an area that barely gets plowed in the winter and we live in an area that gets a shit-ton of snow every year. I have internal anxiety attacks without my 4x4 in snowy conditions.

And yes, we are going to be listing the boat for sale. Not the most ideal time to try to sell but if we have to, we have to. I'm not going to take what little we have left in our emergency saving fund for this. I like having that buffer for when something really does go horribly wrong (oh please God, buddha, jobu, I can't take anything more).

Oh yeah...Happy 3 Yr Infertility To Me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fly By Post

It's so cold here! I even saw the first snow flurries of the year today. Of course it is mid-November so I shouldn't be surprised by this. Especially being that we live in northeast Wisconsin. As I told my good friend, denial is a funny thing.

Today we had a bitch of a time getting some paneling home from Lowes. We really need a beater pickup truck. Gotta have some money first I suppose. Anyway, we had to tie the 10 boards up on the roof because they wouldn't fit inside (naturally) and it's windy and as I mentioned, friggin freezing. That was a fun 6 mile trek home through mostly open fields. We are trying our best to stay in a teeny tiny budget to do the basement. We are able to salvage about half the panels that are currently installed. We will paint them all a nice lighter color, probably something in the light tan/beige family, paint the ceiling tiles a fresh coat of white, install new lights and replace the flooring. We are most likely going to go with a more commercial grade carpet that has the pad already attached to it. We know it isn't the most pretty option but it's the least expensive. We don't want to worry about having to replace expensive carpeting should it flood. Putting tile down will be a long process because the floor isn't perfectly level. There is commercial tile down now but it has that black glue from the 70s and that will be the biggest bitch to get up. According to the two flooring places I went, I can't pull the tiles up and then lay vinyl tiles over the black stuff because it will bleed through eventually. commercial-ish stuff it is :o) I don't care at this point. Have you ever gone into a bunch of Wisconsin basements? They like the random carpets ;o) We'll finally fit right in! Bonus!

Yesterday we went to a "private" sale where we bought our sectional and we picked up two very nice area rugs. One is in the dining area and it matches the colors in here perfectly. I don't have the teal in here anymore (that's a spring/summer look) and this rug is awesome. I will post pics soon. The other one we got is for our bedroom. It had one tiny rip in the backing that we'll fix with rug tape and that part will be hidden under the bed anyway so I'm not really concerned with it. We picked both up for $137 with tax and they are both 5x7ish I think.

And I have to post an update about the third bedroom's hardwoods...ohhhh Kekis....if you're reading this - I finally got my ass in there and started! I have about 1/5 of the room done. I am going to get more done today. I plan to have it done by Tuesday - with furniture in there!

So that's my fly-by update. I am sure I'm forgetting a bunch of things but....I have some hardwoods that are calling my name!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ballooning Holiday Plans

What turned into a quiet(er) Thanksgiving, most likely only being K and me, has turned into a 9 person family gathering! My mom, step-dad and grandma decided they wanted to come up. Since they were coming, I felt like I should ask my uncle (my mom's brother) if he and his family wanted to come up as well.  We usually all spend turkey day at my grandma's so I would have felt semi-guilty if we left them out. So they're coming, all 4 + a dog. Not sure yet if they are going to get a hotel or how long they actually are staying. As of today my mom said they might either come up and go back in one day (and who wants to do that on a holiday?) or might stay Thursday into Friday. I think my grandma is paying for the hotel...once again, not sure on any details, lol. I would like to say that we will have the basement done in time for them and they could stay here...but that is not a definite.

My mom has already annoyed me with one aspect of the menu. I was talking to her while walking through Target and she mentioned that her and my stepdad would bring up some side dishes and probably the turkey as my stepdad always makes it. I am fine with the turkey part. No problem I say! I don't have to have a big ole bird sitting around taking up space in my fridge. I already have started pulling recipes for things I want to make. My grandma will cover the drunken sweet potatoes (omg LOVE hers) but I wanted to do a cheesy broccoli & rice casserole. My mom said she wants L's (step-dad) green bean casserole. Blech, but ok, not a hill to die on. Then I bring up desserts and I say that I have got the desserts covered. She says, "I'm still making my cheesecake." Problem is, I am planning on making my own cheesecake. I tell her this and she asks what's in it. I tell her and she replies "I don't like the mousse versions. I want the full heavy cheesecake. I'm making mine." Stupid to be annoyed but I am. I get it. This is how holidays work. One would think that you might just listen to your host when your host tells you what they need......One hasn't met my mother though!

Totally off subject but I just realized that I had blogged over the weekend and it's not here. I have no idea where it went to. It's not in my drafts either. The worst part...I have no idea what I even wrote about :o/ My brain's fried. Totally burnt toast.

So anyway...I have two weeks to get a shit load done. I think that I am even going to take a day trip down to Chicago to pick up some stuff (X-Mas decorations, the rest of my wedding china) that has been stored in the attic at my in-laws. Kind of crazy to do so but there are a lot of things that we never have room to bring back up with us when we go home. If I go alone, I have plenty of space....maybe even some room for an IKEA trip.... ;o) We'll see.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ta-Da! Phase One of Half Bath Complete!

I don't have many words to say about this other than I don't feel dirty and grimy just by standing in there anymore. There was just something about that bath that just plain old skeeved me out. Now it's all better! We picked out a pretty blue to paint over the blue...only to find out we pretty much painted it the exact same color that was in there! I always liked the color but it was dirty and nasty so I couldn't tell what it was exactly. There is only a teeny tiny difference between the old and the new :o)

Phase One included:

new vanity - $25 (Lowes)
new toilet - $140 (American Standard, Lowes)
new flooring - one box of heavy duty nice laminate sticky tiles for $24 (Menards)
new medicine cabinet - $49.99 (Menards)
new light fixture - $29.99 (Menards)
faucet - $49.50 (Price Pfister, Menards - clearance, org 99.99)
paint - $14.99 (Valspar, Lowes in Martha Stewart Living "Aegean Blue MSL 118)
various odds and ends (ball valves, caulk, plumbing stuff, etc) ~$25
Total - $358.47

Phase Two will be the dramatic part. We'll be closing off the access to the dining room/kitchen and adding a stand up shower to make it a true master bathroom. At that point we will also be adding the wainscoting on the walls. We were going to do it now but then we thought that we should wait because we don't know where all the seams will end up. We're also contemplating putting in a new window as the one that is in there is probably original to the house. So without further ado....

 all that wonderful soot that was in the whole house before. buhbye!
 The original toilet from 1966. Gross. Seriously.
I love the 80's mod lights. Like for sure totally
We found this gem of a wallpaper behind the medicine cabinet. Totally retro and awesome
If there is one type of project that will cause a divorce in this household, it's plumbing. It gets bad. End of story.

New floor! New paint! Or...fresh paint, same color by accident??
 ignore wreck of a kitchen in background. Clean up is NOT going to be fun tomorrow
 Love my new vanity fixtures
 I love, love, love my new vanity. Storage! Beadboard! Score!

 Pretty sure that basket will end up staying under the sink. Can't decide.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Picture Post

Not quite done with the 1/2 bath...the toilet will most likely be pushed to tomorrow. I'll just post pics all at once when we're done in there. But I wanted to add some cuteness here for fun.
I broke out the down comforter this weekend, went to stuff it in the duvet and then got side tracked. I came back and started to stuff it but was wondering why I was having such a hard time doing so. Blanket monster strikes again. This time she was extra sneaky blending into the comforter and all. Brat!
The last one is of the pumpkins I did this year. One of the many childish things about me is that I still love Disney, very much including Winnie the Pooh. My fav characters are Lumpy (the Heffalump...or elephant if you must) and Roo. I think they turned out super cute if I do say so myself :o)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Eve

Not too much to report here. I'm a little down still. I am just sad that it's not us. People that file bankruptcy and have no money can have a child before us. Crack whores and drug dealers can have a dozen kids and rely on the system to provide for them. But we're not good enough apparently. I don't know how I messed up the parent application but I guess somewhere along the line I did. Dumbass. Everyone knows you don't need an app to be a parent....unless you have to have you husband go jizz in a cup and you have to lie on a mechanical bed in a doctor's office. Then of course it's mandatory. I've never failed a class in my life. Why am I failing the getting pregnant and staying pregnant class?

Tomorrow is Halloween and I am hoping that we get only two kids at our door - my former coworker's kids. She lives down the street from me and I hope her dressed up little munchkins are all that I have to see. Kids in costumes is hard on me. They're all too damn cute. I can't wait until we can dress our own child up as a little pumpkin or a little monkey -oh yes, there will be a little monkey to satisfy my love of them.

Anyway....I don't want to have this be an over the top bitter bitchy post. I really don't. So with that in mind...

We started the reno of the half bath. We are going to close it up and make it a true master bath but not this weekend. That will be phase two. I'm asking for gift cards from everyone for Christmas to Menards, Home Depot and Lowes so then maybe this won't be so out of pocket. (trying to behave with the $$, lol) For phase one, we are on track to pretty much completely re-do it for under $350. We will be putting in temporary flooring, the same as in the main bath, until we do the complete overhaul of the main floor flooring. No biggie. I like the stuff we have in the main bath so it will look nice in the half bath too. Of course I will be posting some before and after pictures in the near future so stay tuned!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Teaser Post of Sorts

I haven't been able to get around to more sewing today but we have gotten things done around the house so all is not lost. I did however get myself to Joann's for another one of their awesome sales. I got a TON of fabric for $35...and I still have plenty of money on my gift cards from last Christmas so it didn't even cost me anything.In that spirit, here are some teaser pics
The coffee collars:
 The burp cloth before sewing
Our front step all decorated for Halloween. I know, I know...not too impressive but I do love me my Minnie Mouse "Bride of Mickeystein!" (and fall cleanup is still ongoing in the front. I need to get all the front bushes out before winter comes.)
 The brand new front porch light K put up today. We got a twin pack of porch lights on sale at Menards for $12.88! It is such an improvement from the weathered twig and muck encrusted one that was there. The second one will replace the one on the back deck. And it has my favorite colored light bulb in there for Halloween :o) Oh who am I kidding? It will probably stay through Christmas!! Lol
Oh and we have decided to go home for a long weekend back in Chicago. K's little bro has his last career high school football game and we want to be there for that. He's the baby so this is it :o( The following weekend is Halloween and we will be up here and not in Chicago for the first time....ever. Kind of sad for us. We always have a block party of sorts back home and it's always a great time. But we don't know how this neighborhood is for this holiday so we'd rather be here to watch over things.

We are also going to demo the half bath and do everything save for the tile in there Halloween weekend. I know that's sort of bass ackwards but K wants to do it that way and since I am not the one that's tiling...I'll humor him. But I reserve the right to tell him I told him so when he finally gets around to tiling and he wonders why the hell he didn't just do everything at the same time. So now I have to go pick out the small medicine cabinet to go with my beloved small bead board vanity. I have to choose the paint color (it will most likely stay in the turquoise family) and we have to measure out how much wainscoting we will need for the room. What else...a faucet...which will be the only fixture in the house that isn't oil rubbed bronze. I'm sort of sad about that but since the knobs on the cab are brushed nickle, I have to stay with that. Maybe a new lighting fixture as well?? Not sure.

And then to round off the first weekend in November, the in-laws are coming up :o) Looks to be a fun few weeks!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Breaking out the crafts

This past few weeks I have gone from not doing a single craft to jumping head first into the throes of my crafting obsession. I still haven't touched the 2nd bedroom. By now I'm sure you will all die of shock if I actually start a post about how I did anything in my future craft room. But I digress.

So anyway...I have made a dog bed cat bed, fabric coffee collars, burp clothes and a throw pillow. :o) I am quite the sewer right now. The pet bed started off being for Wrigley. Of course Remy and Shelby had other plans. It is now their bed. I made too small of a version for poor Wrigs anyway. I have plenty of fleece that I had in store to make pet beds for Wrigley and Phoenix (my in-laws dog) that I never got around to so I am going to whip up another that will actually be for the pup.

Making the bed went a little something like this.....

"Mom what does this say?"
 "Seriously Mom? You love the smelly dog?"
 "She loves ME!" "Whatever dude."
 "Oh boy, I'm so excited!"
 "I'll show him"
 "Um..Mom? Mom?"
 "Hehe. Dumb doggie. MY bed"
Never a dull moment. Tutorial for bed coming this week when I make the larger version. Pics of everything else to come later this weekend as well.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

K gets a haircut

Not to be out done in the hair department, K decided it was time to cut his hair. Ok you ask, what's the big deal about a man's hair getting cut? The big deal is that he has had it growing since June of 09 with only a few trims here and there. It was about time for a cut in the fall of 09 when he said he'd keep it going as long as the Chicago Blackhawks were doing good. Welll...the Hawks won the Stanley Cup (woo hoo!!!) so it just kept on growing and growing and growing.

He looks so sexy with his shaggy hair. It's part rebellious, a nice middle finger to the confines of "normal" male looks. It's part tongue in cheek. How long could it get??? What would be the catalyst for getting it cut? That catalyst came late last week when he found out he would be presenting to a group of high ranking military and gov't officials for work this week. It's been fine at work, his bosses are cool enough to not care about the long shaggy hair. They never said, hey dude, let's look professional here. Naw, they're cool with it. It was K that was feeling a little pressure to look nicer.

It's not like he looked like a biker or a rockstar...although if he did, that would have been an even bigger turn on. I do love me some rock and roll badasses. got cut. I am sad. He is sad. It will be grown again ;o) I think I'm sad because I never made good on my threat to spiral curl his hair when he is drunk. I also am sad because through him, one of us has perfect hair. His hair is just...perfect. Perfect deep brown chestnut with traces of red. It's perfectly flowy. In fact, it does that perfect tousled flip look without any effort. it's thick and voluminous. Yes ladies, my husband has nicer hair than I do. Bastard.

Seeing him when it was done reminded me of when he caused me to go into hysterics 2 days before our wedding. For months leading up to the wedding I told him to shave his goatee off. He was like, no, you wanted me to grow it when we first got together and I did and I like it this way more. So I moved on. Then he comes out of the bathroom at his parents house all clean shaven. I burst into tears. My MIL laughs her ass off every time she thinks about it because she says she will never, ever forget the look on my face when it registered what he had just done. I can laugh now but at that moment, I almost jumped off a bridge. Butthead is lucky I married his sorry ass! He looks so young now. He cleaned up/trimmed his facial hair and now he looks about 5 years younger. I told him he doesn't look like such a dick anymore - which caused him to spit out his pop. I had to explain....he looks more approachable, more All-American boyish. I'm pretty sure that is his new motivator to grow it out again.'s only fair to add visuals for this momentous occasion, lol.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I gots a haircut and color :o)

And I loooove it. My old coworker also is a hair stylist (she's multi-talented I tell you) and she always knows what to do with my hair. Over the summer she lightened it, highlighted it and cut it and it was fab then. It's even more fab now. Her and I are a bit crazy and we have named this color the Chicka Cherry Cola...from that 90s song from Savage Garden. Remember that one? The haircut is now named The Savage Garden too. Here I am :o)

This past weekend was a lot of fun. Only my mom ended up coming up and while that was disappointing for K (lol, he and my stepdad are two peas in a pod) it was just fine for my mom and me. We hit the craft fair up and she was just as amazed at how awesome it was as I was 3 years ago. I got the cutest Halloween decoration for our house for $35. It's a Minnie Mouse jack-o-lantern head that lights up and is attached to a costumed body. She has the "bride of mickey-stein" wedding dress on. I love it. Then again, I just love Disney :o) The only downside to the weekend is when my mom left on Monday, I got really sad. She sent me the sweetest email on Tuesday saying "I had a really great time with you and K this weekend. I miss having you around all the time. I wish you were here so we can just go out and do things together."

I made a simple centerpiece for my mom to take home. I have the supplies to make a few more for me and for my mother in law....

Like I said, it's so simple. And cheap. Even better.
Do you have any pine trees? We have 3 but the one in the front of the house is huge. And very pine-cone filled! LOL. I have enough pine-cones to last me a long, long while. So I'm making center pieces out of them. I already have an idea for my winter ones. Anyway, back to these fall ones. All this is:
  • pine-cones (free)
  • basket (Dollar Tree - $1)
  • 1/2 packet of those gold rod things (Dollar Tree $1 for the whole thing, so this is just .50)
  • 2 bunches of fall flowers/leaves (Dollar Tree $2)
  • about 30 in of ribbon (Dollar Tree less than $1 for one basket)
  • foam 1/2 in round flower arrangement disk (Dollar Tree 2/pack for $1)
  • gold spray paint (Walmart $3. I already had this from other projects though)

Spray paint the pine-cones. Put the disk at the bottom of the basket, stick half the flowers in the disk to start out. Place pine-cones in basket when they are dry. Add more flowers/leaves. Finish off with the rods and the ribbon. The ribbon doesn't have to stay on perfectly. I could make it stay up by hot gluing it on to the basket but since it's just going to rest on the table, the casual drape of it is fine with me.Voila! A nice fall festive centerpiece for less than $5 (give or take)

Hmmmm, what else....not really sure to be honest. I really have to get going on finishing up the book post I have. There is about 4 books I have ready to be reviewed for here.

Oh - we bought a treadmill off of Craigslist last night! It will go down in the unfinished basement for now. I'm busy scouring for a decent entertainment center to put the older tube tv we have down there in. We just plan on hooking up our old PS2 to it so we can pop in workout DVDs and be set to burn some cals! The friend who did my hair is giving us her parents weight machine (her parents are selling their house that's a block away from us and they just want it gone) so we can have it for free! So yeah...I'm really pumped to be on the full on weight loss train. No more excuses. I want to be happy with myself for the first time in a long time.

Friday, October 1, 2010

More this and that

This is a quick little post just to slightly update. The couch was delivered on Tuesday and it is perfect. I love it. K loves it. The furbabies love it. They have to switch out one portion of the sectional because there is this one line that looks like the microfiber was shaved off, maybe by getting dragged against something. I don't know. All I know is that if I'm paying big bucks for a more "upscale" sectional, it's damn well going to be perfect...until we mess it up that is, lol.

My mom and stepdad are coming up to visit tomorrow and staying overnight. It's her birthday today so she's getting see us :o) The last time she was up was with my Grandma back in May to help us move. So basically she say a very rough looking house! I can't wait to hear what she has to say. Well....maybe I can. With my mom, she's one of those people who will definitely pick out the negative and tell you about it. Hopefully she's in a good mood. She should be. We are taking her out to dinner to a really nice place up here so as long as she has a full stomach and a drink in her she'll be happy. Then we can shop at the craft fair and the outlet mall on Sunday. I don't think we are going to be able to get up to Door County. I really want to go up, get some good fall pics, pick some apples and visit the vineyards up there.

Anyway...gotta get back to cleaning. Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 27, 2010

If I ignore it, will it go away?

The pain that is. Probably not. So in the mean time, I'm going to pretend it didn't happen.

I got up and had a laundry list of things to do. Remember not too long ago when I was feeling down about the house? I was feeling like it wasn't getting anywhere and we are spinning our wheels, getting nothing accomplished. I felt like it wouldn't measure up to the houses that are in the price range we want to be in should we have to list this place.

Well K made a very smart suggestion. He said we should go look at open houses today. Since the Packers/Bears game is a Monday night game, a LOT of homes were open today. I have no doubts now that we are headed in the right direction with our house. No doubt. We looked at 4 places, ranging from a few thousand more than what we paid for this place to a house that was creepy similar to ours listed for 60k more than what we closed on.

That house was really weird for us to see. We know the original owner of our house was a home builder and that he built this house. He *had* to have built the one we saw today. It had the same quirky things ours does. Same layout almost to a T. The main differences are that our front room is a sunken living room (but we know from neighbors that the second owner did that), our half bath connects to our bedroom and to the dining area whereas this house had it only accessible to the dining area. I wonder which way is the original way - theirs or ours. They had the same old school sliding closet doors, same original shelving in the closets (the bracket was identical to the ones we have) and the funniest part...hardwoods in the bedroom but laminate wood in the hallway! Same damn floor as us. I wonder if they had the same friggin glue problem! I know a lot of houses are similar in nature but it was funny to see our house in a different light. It's not as though these houses are cookie cutter homes, they were built back in the 70s. Well...then again I guess they could have been cookie cutter back in that time frame. Idk. Still fun to see.

What helped the most is that I can see now how our house will be when we are finished. That house was in good showing condition but I can see where even they could do better to sell it faster and for an even better price. That's the great part about having a real estate background. I just forget that not everyone can see all the flaws I see in my own house. Twin house even had one thing that I love, love, love and have been bugging K to add to the to-do list - white wainscoting in the bathrooms. I love that look. I always have. So since we have to redo a little mudding around the tub, he has given me the go ahead to add it :o)

And of course, what weekend would be complete without a trip or two to Menards and Lowes? Not ours at least. While there we found the perfect small space vanity for the 1/2 bath. Currently we have a pedestal sink that is sufficient but it would need to be replaced eventually since the enamel has started to wear off. We have thought about just getting another pedestal but we also were on the hunt for an option that that would offer some storage yet be small enough for the space and fit a small budget...all while not looking cheap. Well, we found it. It's perfect. I love it. It has my white beadboard detail too! And want to know the best part? It was on clearance. Like super clearance. If I told you how much, you'd think I'm lying.

For the vanity and the vanity top, it was $25. Seriously. Here it is:
Not bad if I do say so myself. We'll have to buy new fixtures when we get around to installing this but that's small stuff. I'm not sure what kind I want to go with. I think with the brushed nickel knobs I should stick with the same for the faucet. I hope that is ok since the rest of the house is oil rubbed bronze. It'll have to do. For $25 it will definitely do!

Ok....have I gone on enough about things other than Eran? It took my mind off things to write this long post. Mission accomplished for the time being. I wonder how I'll be in 10 minutes though. Oh - and GO BEARS! Bear down on those cheeseheads so I can have some bragging rights!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jobs and Chicago

We spent the last 3.5 days back home in Chicago and it was such a great time. I love being home. We helped my sil and her bf move into their new apartment in the city. Big step for them - moving in together! Eeeek. He better put a ring on that finger fast! Haha. I am really happy for them. After that, we had a belated birthday dinner with my grandma and my mom. Then we went to my bil's football game. I can't believe he's a senior AND he has a girlfriend!! One that he actually talks about to us. He is really adorable about it. She's a lucky girl. She snagged the star football player ;o) (and totally being serious, he is the captain and has a ton of buzz right now - just to get my proud sister bragging in there, haha.) Homecoming is next weekend and we are honestly thinking about going back down there to see his game and then to see his last homecoming pictures. I really can't believe he's this old. He was just this adorable little 9 yr old when I met him.

Saturday was my day to get out and do my own thing. We never really split up for long periods of time when we go home. It's always things we do together. And to be honest, I needed the time alone to just relax and bum around. I hung out with old friends, went shopping (bought a new Coach purse and wallet from the outlet!) and had dinner with my mom. Saturday was a great day. I feel slightly refreshed, head a little less foggy. I want to make those days happen a little more often!

Sunday we went to our favorite bar/restaurant for the Bears/Cowboys game. Had some great food  - mmmmm. Love that place. It's my step-dad's regular hangout so we had a fun time with them. Then we went back to the city, had dinner with the in-laws, packed up and came back up :o(

I will say it felt marvelous to sleep in my own bed last night. 3 nights on a crappy daybed/trundle will make you hurt like no other. I'd prefer an air mattress over those, honestly.

On the job front.....I had 3 (yes 3!!) phone interviews on Thursday. One was from a staffing firm that I saw a job that looked interesting so I sent my resume to them. He set up a meeting for us on Wed and said he was going to send my resume to the company to take a look at it. Well, he called back an hour later and was like, they want to meet you ASAP! So he and I are meeting today at 3:45 and then I have a meeting with the actual employer tomorrow morning at 10! I knew September would bring the jobs! The pay is slightly over 6k less than what I was making :o( I'm pretty bummed about that. It's also a much(much) longer commute. Like 60 miles round trip. So I also have to factor in gas mileage and all that jazz. Especially since winter is coming up and we know WI winters can be absolutely hellish.

So yeah, that's my update. I have to go make me some lunch and get primping! I have more to write but that can all come later.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Couches and Sectionals and beds oh my!

From the sound of this entry's title, you can guess that I went furniture shopping today. I spent 6 hours in all sorts of stores. I did take a break for lunch at Noodles and read some more of the book I am reading (Brava, Valentine - review to come later.)

What I found today just further convinced me that I am as confused as every as to what type of living room furniture I want. I still like the original set we ordered. But I am still unsure of getting the couch and loveseat vs the couch and the reclining chair - if we go with that set that is. I found some beautiful sectionals, some waaay more than what we will spend but I also found a couple that I think would work nicely. Still more than we would pay for the other stuff.

I feel like I am talking in circles about this crap. I honestly don't know what I want other than I want new stuff. I want the old stuff gone. The compromise I am thinking about making is buying the bed I want and then taking our existing dressers and stripping them and staining them the antiqued white to match the bed. I've never done something like that though. I keep wondering if I would regret doing this because our dressers are part of the set that goes with the guest bed. The bed is a 4 poster bed and it's in good condition, in general and stain/color wise. The nightstand is ok but the tall dresser and the wide dresser are another story. The tall one has a warped, split down the middle length-wise top. The stain was also nasty at the bottom. My dresser is the short, wide one and the stain is horrendous. It looks terrible. It really does. But they are solid pieces. Big deep drawers and plenty of them at that. I could get some nice handles for them to add to the new look. I guess, what's the worst that can happen to them right?

If I did that, then I can probably get Kevin on board with also getting the living room furniture. Well, he's on board for that already, it's just the bedroom he's not concerned with.

Ok, this is way off subject but does anyone have problems hitting their enter button with blogger? Every time I hit it to start a new paragraph, the curser disappears and then it adds blank lines and if I hit backspace, it does what it is supposed to do and erases the lines. I know I'm not describing this very well but it doesn't enter. and if you hit enter 5 times, it is adding 5 lines but it's not moving the curser down with the new line, it's adding lines but in order to get down you have to use the arrow key or you have to hit back until it's back to where you started and then when you try it again, it works. Phew - got all that?? It's been doing it for a few days now. I think it started when I changed the blog layout or when I copied this layout for another blog. I wonder if I somehow messed up the formatting?? HELP! :o)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sleepless Sofa Night

Yes I am up at 1:55 am typing this. I have fallen into this horrendous sleeping pattern in the last 3 weeks or so. Up super late - 3 am is a normal bedtime for me now - and sleeping until 10 am. Not good. Not good at all. Tonight I am forcing myself to stay up and then get UP and out of bed at 8. Hopefully I'll fall asleep early tomorrow. I may keep weird patterns but I am easily re-trained, lol. If only our dog Wrigley was as trainable!

Anyway, I am up looking at couches. And bedroom furniture. K and I had our first disagreement about the money spending tonight. It was over stupid shit. He wants another gun. I say 1) you already have guns. Multiple guns 2) you don't hunt nor will you be hunting anytime soon (aka over my dead body. He knew hunting was a divorce-able offense) 3) Since when did you decide you can get another friggin gun??

Again, anyway...I keep bringing up the furniture to him. I really want new furniture. I think it's unhealthy how much I want new stuff. No more hodge podge. No more cast offs. No more college glory days leftovers. Not that I have any chance of getting all new items but a girl can dream right? I'm beginning to think that maybe the bedroom set will not be happening. I was given the green light to go check out my favorite local furniture gallery (where we ordered those couches from) tomorrow. I've already looked at some of what they have listed online and there is one set that has potential to be similar to the one I covet in the post below.

Now for the couch conundrum. As it is now, we have a couch and a loveseat in an L configuration. It leaves a bunch of dead space at the point since it's a sunken room. We have an end table in there but there is still a bunch of space. The couches that we had ordered would make this same configuration. Now I am thinking that maybe a smaller sectional is the way to go here. One with a chaise on one end. Sort of like the one I originally liked. Except cheaper and less monstrous. It was huuuuge in the showroom.

Another thing I am considering is going a different route and maybe doing two chairs and a loveseat?? To be honest, it's 80% just K and me. On weekends we basically have a live-in friend in K's coworker S. We joke that the guest room is really his bedroom. I told him he should move in and pay us rent and just make it easier on us all since they can carpool and we have the basement S longs for to brew his beer (which, btw is awesome. He's a true WI microbrewery by himself, lol.) Of course we get the visits from parents with or without K's siblings. Overall though, just the two of us. With us doing the basement, a lot of the bigger gatherings will go down there with the bar being there along with the video games and things like that. So do we make the frontroom more of a formal space? Well formal by our casual standards that is.

Decisions, decisions

Monday, September 13, 2010

How Apropos

The $8k landed in my mailbox this morning.

Gotta love that timing.

I walked through Menards tonight saying "I can buy you...and you..and this...and that."

But I didn't :o) Aren't you proud of me?

Like a little kid with a buck burning a hole in their pocket....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September is PCOS Awareness Month

How could I have forgotten to write a post about this? I will do my best to post some links and info throughout the month. Anyway, here's a pic if you want to steal. I have it as my profile pic on fb right now and I have it in my siggy on the boards.
Here's a banner if you wish to have it as well

and another pic for fun

Spending $ I don't have (yet)

::warning:: whine ahead. stupid thinking ahead too.

I feel like I live in a hybrid of a nice house that I am half proud of and the other half of me thinks that it is a piece of crap. I know that sounds bad but I can't shake the feeling. We're doing the best we can. Right now we can't do much and I feel like I will never get that magazine quality look. I don't even know why I feel like that in the first place. We're not formal people. We don't feel the need to keep up with the Jones. We're not ghetto fab either but I think in my head I thought, hey we own a house now, time to be a grown up.'s like living in the apartment. Except with a lot more responsibility. I just feel like we have been putting up with college furniture and hand me downs for so long that I would be able to move past all that. I even busted the arm of the loveseat two nights ago :o( Now it's all fucked up on the left arm. That set was going to get put into the basement anyway so at least I didn't break something nicer.

I should be able to get past this when we can get back to tackling bigger projects and can buy some new furniture. I got a notification in the mail today from the IRS saying that our 8k tax credit is being processed right now. Woo hoo!!! First thing we are going to do is pay my mom and stepdad back 1500 that we borrowed to get us through closing/K's Detroit trip/emergency need to buy the generator when it flooded. After that we're debating what we should do with the rest.

We *should* pay off the remaining credit cards that K has. Mine have been paid off for a long time now thankfully. We had less credit card debt when we bought the house but we ended up having to go buy a riding lawnmower. I don't know how we thought we'd be ok mowing an acre and a half on a self-propelled walker mower. Dumbasses ;o)  If we pay off those, we'd probably be left with about $3000. I have a huge desire to put it all in savings at least until I can find a job. Having a bigger safety net again would be a big stress reliever.

However, if my dark side wins out....

I want new couches (the ones I had on order before) - $780
renovate the basement - <$1000
washer/dryer (I'm all about craigslisting those, just like our kitch appliances were) - <$500
finally buy a real bedroom set - <$2000

The list goes on and on with what we should do/want to do with the money. New water softener, replace a couple new windows in the extra bedrooms, etc.

And of course out of curiosity right now, I went to look at "my" bedroom set that I have picked out - and they're clearancing it out :o( The 5 piece set is $1137 plus the nightstand is now $237 and the other piece I want is $557. The 5 piece set used to be a tiny shade under 3k. You don't understand how much I love this set. I love, love, love it. Here it is:

I also will be needing a new truck in the not too distant future. K has doomsday written all over his face when he talks about my truck now. I love my Blazer. It  has done well for me over the last 12 years. I don't intend on getting into anything with a payment if at all possible. I don't need a nice new car. The other thing I keep in the back of my head is that my mom has an extra car that she has said repeatedly is that it's mine when I need it. She has known I'll be needing a new car so when she got a new car, they just kept that one as well. I asked K how much it would be to just fix up the blazer and he said that it would take at least 3k...and that's with K doing all the work himself. So at the very least, I have a nice car (it's a decked out super charged Buick Riviera, not your average granny Buick trust me) that I can have for free. We can keep the Blazer for the sole purpose of towing the boat or on super snowy days here. I know the Blazer will not last being a daily commuter but it can still serve a small purpose.

 So yeah, that's the conundrum I'm in. The smart, cautious side says to pay some bills, save the rest for an emergency. The dark side says to spend it. It's "free money." It would help the economy. Hahaha. I love justifications for being dumb with money. What would you do? Pay the bills, do the basement (because hey, when will be able to afford to replace the paneling, flooring, etc?) and then save the rest? I know furniture can wait. It really can. I just don't want to wait.

Save me from myself.