Wednesday, January 27, 2010

U/S today :o)

This morning I headed up to my RE's office for my buttcrack of dawn appointment and everything is actually progressing nicely! Can you believe it?? I hardly can. I have one very close to mature follie and many other smaller ones that are looking good as well. I'm so excited!!! I go back on Friday morning for another ultrasound and we will most likely trigger at the appointment and then we will do the IUI on Saturday. I am so happy, so excited, and so nervous at the same time. We haven't gotten this far in forever. I am hoping and praying that this is our cycle. After all is said and done, with all the Follistim and blood draws and u/s, this cycle will have cost about $2500. Not cheap. That basically uses up our FSA money. I'm not sure how many cycles we will be able to do in a row. I want to get at least one more in and then we might have to step back and save some money before going ahead. But that's not the attitude I need. This is going to work! It has to :o) All positive thoughts are greatly appreciated.

After my acupunture appointment today, I came home and was walking around the car towards the door and hit a piece of black ice and, WhooosH! down I went. My keys flew back, my purse forward and I hit the deck hard. My right side kills, mainly my leg. I'm one of those people that is now going to pray that falling didn't somehow mess up this cycle. Paranoia much? Lol. Oh well. I'm off to take a nice hot bath and soak my sore ass and leg.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Truth About Drama

Is that while entertaining on tv, it sucks in real life.

This week has been non-stop drama. Thankfully it's nothing like my engagement period Mom-drama. Now THAT was terrible for sure. Right now it's more annoying, pointless drama.

For starters, my E2 results have been stalled all week. Very annoying. Granted we started out on a very low dosage in hope of long stimming and getting to where we need to be gradually. I went in on Monday and the results were about half what they needed to be. Next, step, continue stabbing myself and repeat test on Thursday. Thursday comes and I'm at the same numbers. Repeat Friday - slightly higher. So off to order more Follistim and double the dosage over the weekend with another test Monday a.m. Fun times. I'm praying and praying that the double dosage does it's trick or at least significantly raises my numbers. I was told that we can continue stimming until day 21 of stims before we have to abandon the cycle. Please, please, please dont let it come to that. We can't afford too many cycles like this.

Drama number 2
I hate my job 95% of the time. I have a feeling that it is a sinking ship and if something doesn't change, we'll go belly up within a year. I really know how to find good jobs up here dont I? I posted on the boards about an intern that swore at me this week during a training meeting that I was leading. Nothing was done about it except for him getting a slap on the wrist talking to and when he said that it was a comment that I made that sent him off, they told him that they would speak with me as well. I get into the office and they say, we didn't think you did anything wrong, it was his fault, yadda yadda yadda but we told him we'd speak to you about it. Um hell no!!!! He's a fucking arrogant, know it all, weirdo, head strong, doesn't listen to any advice given to him INTERN! By you telling him that you would speak to me about the situation you have just validated his outburst. What the fuck ever. I'm so down with this place. Except I cant be. I need $$$ :o) Don't we all.

I know, get over it already. Be a big girl, put those big girl panties on. I'll try....but I can't promise.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So I've been forgetting to blog

But I'm still here. As always. The holiday season is always so crazy and this year was not any different. We went home for about 5 days and that was excellent. I saw pretty much all the family I could and I had a great time. I feel guilty with all the gifts that we got from everyone. It's not like we are little kids but man were we spoiled. Of course I happily accepted every last thing that was given to me ;o) We basically were gifted money for a 46" LCD TV (from my step-grandma's estate proceeds). All of my siblings and I were given $500 that was to be used for anything other than bills and daily expenses. It had to go towards something you wanted but weren't able to splurge on. We've been wanting a big tv for over a year now and with the other BestBuy gift cards we were given plus redeeming our Chase rewards, we only paid a teeny bit out of pocket for it. How awesome is that? I am in love with it, lol.

Baby making wise - this is CD 8, stim day 4!!! Yup, we have moved on to injectables! I'm super excited and praying that this cycle is our cycle. I go in for b/w on Monday and if my levels are elevated enough we'll do an ultrasound to determine when to trigger. It isn't for sure that we are doing IUI, there is the possibility of it just being a TI cycle, but I'm pushing for IUI for the slightly better odds. We have enough on FSA that we can do another two cycles like this but if these are unsuccessful, we will have to save some more and possibly take a break. But I am staying positive...this is going to work!

We still haven't put another offer on a house yet. We just got home from looking at two new contenders. I really liked both but we were experimenting with budget. These two were on the high end of our limit. They might even be over what we can technically afford (I say technically because in my head I know what realistically we would be comfortable with, and that's less than what we're approved for). So we're just taking it all in. There is no way I want us to be even slightly overextended. Babies are brought home to apartments every day. I just want to be able to not pay rent for our garages, to be able to paint and decorate and most importantly, to have my dog back from our inlaws. Not that they are going to willingly give him back! lol. They love that dog almost as much as we do. I miss my pup so much. He's the main catalyst for house hunting to be honest. Well, that and K being able to have a garage to work on his bikes or the cars.

As for everything else....I haven't read anything interesting, haven't completed any craft, I've been lazy. I'm terrible I know.