Friday, May 28, 2010

Crunch Time

So this past week has been nonstop working at the house for me. I am happy to say that the end is in sight. I love, love, love the paint colors I chose for the frontroom (pronounced all slopped together, Chicago-style, frontchroom). For those room. Since typical Chicago-style brick bungalows have the "living room" in the front, it became known as frontrooms. Ours is in front, so therefore, I'm still calling it that :o) Anyway, focus here Rachael...focus....

The carpet was installed in the frontroom today, we should have gotten a nicer pad but we plan on eventually installing hardwoods so we saved the money and just did budget carpet to get is by. I can manage. K has the tub and surround in, he's working on the drywall as I type (from our apartment). He made a boo boo on the plumbing wall side of the surround. He cut the hole wrong! I have never seen him flip out so bad. Luckily, Home Depot came through for us. Normally we would have to order the replacement from Kohler and we'd get it in about 14 days. (and seeing how the actual Kohler headquarters is an hour away, that sucks!) but instead they had the whole surround in stock so they had us come in, order the one side, gave us the side we needed from one of their in stock sets and when the piece that we technically ordered comes in, they'll just put it back in the box. That was so awesome of them! So right now, I'm a HD fan. Menards...not so much, that bitchy vent I can save for when I have some more time to blog.

I'm still freaking out about money and how we are going to be able to pay bills and buy things but we always seem to get through it. We really don't have much more to buy, a washer and dryer are the main items. I'm busy scouring craigslist for a pair that will get us by until I'm working again. I find no shame whatsoever in second hand items. I may like having nice things, but I know how to budget and I know how to make due with what I have. Some day I'll have my teal Electrolux front loaders....some day. Shit, I can get an old set and spray paint them teal just for fun ;o) Maybe I will. I think the heat is getting to my brain. Ok...better get off the computer and finish packing the apartment so I can go back to the house and help K.

Friday, May 21, 2010

It Got Worse

I got laid off today. Hahaha. Funny huh? I really have no words. On one hand, there was a weight that was lifted due to not having to go back in there anymore. Then that weight was replaced with the weight of the loss of income. Yes, I can claim unemployment but that's not really what I wanted to be doing right now. I'm not a bad person yet I feel like bad things keep happening. I feel like this so called God keeps testing me. And everytime I pass the test it makes me more and more resentful. Like, you didn't help me through it, I helped me through it. So yeah that's where I am. At least I have a lot of time to get moved over there ;o) Silver lining kids, silver lining. Be careful what you wish for.....

Happy Fucking Friday!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Check In Time

Yes, I have been beyond MIA. Truth be told, I have a million things to say, a million things that have been going on...but I'm really so stressed I haven't even taken five minutes for myself in the last 3 weeks, until now. This is sure to be a looooong update.

As I type, Kevin is in Detroit. Yup, he's been there since Sunday. He is flying home tomorrow. Hopefully he doesn't have to go back.

We're broke. Broke, Broke.

The basement flooded last weekend...up to the top of the bottom stair.

Both our cars had to have pricey repairs.

We're supposed to be out of our apartment by the end of next week and I have no idea how we will be able to move it. We have no choice, we have to....I just don't know anymore.

I hate, hate, hate my job. It's full of bullshitters and backstabbing bitches.

It's starting to hit me that not only are we on a TTC break, with us draining our money, I feel getting pregnant is so far out of reach right now.

I guess I could just end this update here and leave you all in the same lurch that I'm in, lol.

...Ok, back to...the beginning??

We I think the last updates including my hell of stripping carpet glue off hardwoods...well, I'm still there. I gave up after I found a little trick so I figured I'd move on to other things now that I know how to get it off. I scraped the entire first floor of the popcorn ceilings. Oh how I hate popcorn ceilings. Take my advice, if you love pop ceilings, and you really want to have them, just say no. For the love of god, say NOOOOOO! :o) I was so sore the next day. All three bedrooms are painted, both ceilings and walls. Then last weekend happened. I don't know what happened bc I swear I called the gas/electric company to verify it had been switched to our names...nope. And we had a ton of rain for days and days. Anywho, in the limited amount of hours it was off and we didn't know, it flooded. And his parents were already en route (previously planned) to come up and save K from bathroom reno hell. So yeah....a generator got charged on American Express....don't leave home without it!!! Yuck. So we rigged it as best we can and back powered the house so that we could get some things accomplished. Not very legal but whatevs. Arrest me.

I have no idea, well I have some idea, of where all the money went. But thing after thing just keeps going wrong. I need some sort of break here. For reals.

On top of that, last week, K's work decided they needed him to go out to Detroit for a week, in like 3 days. And that money comes out of our pocket up front. Granted we get it back...but that was our carpet money. Where the fuck am I going to pull money out of to get carpet in by the end of the week? I also know that we will be able to start recouping some money soon...we can start the savings back up but I am so uncomfortable not having a safety net. It keeps me up at night.

To say I'm stressed is the biggest understatement. I can't remember anything without writing it down. I am babbling and I'm sure I'm forgetting so much. I was supposed to be working on the house and packing tonight...but I put my jammies on at 5 and said I would start packing in 30 minutes 2 hrs ago. I know it's probably healthy for me to be taking this small break but honestly, I am going to regret doing so. Every friggin minute counts until the 31st.

Wish me luck, say a prayer, have a drink for me...until next time....adios

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is there an easy button???

It's not letting me write paragraphs so I guess this will be another fast and easy post. More to come...............................K had to work today so I'm on my own again during the day. So I slept in. ;o) Only till 8 though. And now I'm sitting here blogging...yeah I'm really going to get out to the house soon, lol. I have found muscles that my fat ass forgot about long ago. I have discovered a hatred for carpet glue and popcorn ceilings. I have spent so much money it's scary. We are now back to the paycheck to paycheck aspect of our lives. We haven't been there in a long time and I am not too comfortable with it right now. I reeeeeeallly liked having a very nice savings. I know it's only temporary and once we're done with the renovation costs/moving expenses we can go back to having a savings but until then, that will be me hyperventilating in the corner :o/

Monday, May 3, 2010

We Are Homeowners!!!

We finally made it to closing. Halleluia (sp?). Of course it didn't go smoothly thanks to the LA. Seriously. She left midway through to go to her divorce hearing and left papers unsigned. She is a pain in the ass to put it mildly. An hour and a half after we were supposed to have finished, we got the keys! Of course over the weekend I went down to Chicago to pick up tools from all our parents and the brakes went on the car. So what was Kevin's first task??? Replacing the front brakes, lol. I ripped up all the carpeting in the bedrooms and I am so sore already. It is so worth it though. The floors are actually in very decent condition. There is some glue on the floor in two of the bedrooms so I'm hoping there is some magical solution that pulls it up and all we end up having to do is polish the floors. That would be spectacular.

This is going to be short as I am tired as all hell and I have a busy, busy day (week) ahead of me. Wish us luck getting it all done!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Closing Monday! (MAYBE)

This week has been so crazy. I was really hoping that we would be closed yesterday so we would have the weekend to start work but the listing agent pulled her crap again. First she wasn't returning our mortgage broker's phone calls so she could get the information on what the seller's title company's contact information was...then the LA gave her the wrong company. That delayed us for being able to close yest. I can't stand that woman. She's been nothing but trouble.

We had our final walk through last night. It's so dirty!!! Dirtier than I remember, lol. Just looking at it makes me tired. This whole week I am off from work and I'm going to need every minute of my time off to get this place ready. I'm really concerned with the fact that there is so much to do to make it incredibly nice, which translates to a lot of $$. We're able to put a good amount into it, but I am afraid it's not going to be enough to give it that extra push to get it sold. All of those little finishing touches add up. I had the fixtures selected for the bath...but they are pricey. On top of that, I can't stand the vanity top but it's not in the budget to replace it. I fear that it won't look as nice without doing so though. So then do I switch to lower priced fixtures that are a different color (I want brushed copper but brushed nickel is cheaper)?

There are just so many things I want to do to this house to make it show great and I know that there's no way we can afford to do all of them. It really sucks. If we were staying here, we woould be able to do all the little things over time and not all at once. We have already pretty much decided that we are going to cancel the furniture order :o( I have 30 days to do so, so for now the couch and loveseat (which I got the call and they are finally in, minus the ottoman) will sit in their warehouse. I wanted those so bad! I don't know that our furniture will show the nicest. The are much better suited for the basement, which is where they were supposed to be.

I need to win the lottery tonight. I guess that means I need to play.