Saturday, July 24, 2010

100th Post Re-do

I didn't even think about the fact that since I moved the food posts to the new blog, I now get another 100th post! 2x the fun. This time I will give pics from today. I didn't have any delays getting to New Orleans. We've settled in at the mission in Biloxi. We just ate nastyass Papa Johns for dinner. I'm highly annoyed by that. I'm also annoyed that there seems to be this underlying comment train coming from some that our down time isn't free time. Um, sorry. It is. This isn't school. When I'm not on the job site, I'm going to go see the sites. More importantly the beach. And tomorrow we are supposed to go to church at 11 and then out to lunch. For one, I know this is based out of my church but some of the people on the trip are not from my church either so I feel ok in saying this....I am not a church person anymore. We know I've been struggling with my faith. I don't believe in what I once did before. And you know what? I can see how those that have admitted that before feel when they feel they have to justify their beliefs. It's ridic. So needless to say, tomorrow is a free day. Or it should be. I was planning on hours of beach time. Not a sliver here and there. I know I'm a selfish bitch but whatevs. We're adults here. I hate when other adults have to act like this is a high school english class field trip to the theater. There's no need to control every aspect of this trip. As long as I don't expect someone to drive my ass around, I don't get the big deal. Anyway....let's end this with some pics of today.

Ok, so as I was uploading the pictures we had another little meeting. I know I will sound like a whiny brat but oh well. Ok, so I was under the impression that we were going to be housed in dorms. Singular dorms. Nope, this is bunk bed, military style. And there is another group that will be joining us tomorrow and they will be sharing our bedrooms (females in one, males in the other.) Ok great and all but I can't secure my things. I brought my laptop and other valuables so that sucks. What just annoyed me even more is that we are supposedly not allowed to go anywhere without someone else. You can't have phone calls after 10pm when quiet time starts. Lights out at 11. There's some more dumb stuff but whatever. I'm getting worked up over stupid stuff I know. I'm also on the rag so my patience level is slim to none. I'm sorry but I have a husband who I talk to late at night. I'm not a 15 yr old kid. I really wish I hadn't decided to come. Lord I hope this week goes by fast.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interviewing and Packing

So I had my second interview today with one place. The guy was really hard to read. It was as if he wasn't quite happy with the things I was doing at my old job, like he expected me to be doing something else. I mean, my resume is cut and dry dude. Everything I said I did is listed there. I guess we will just wait and see what happens. I don't care if I'm not in love with the job. I just want a paycheck again. I can always still be looking elsewhere while working at this place. If they choose me that is. The start date would be August 2nd. As in the Monday after I get home.

Speaking of, I only have tomorrow and then I'm off! I'm excited to be going, yet I hope it was the right choice. I don't want to spend any money while I am down there but there's little chance of that happening, lol. At the very least it will be $50 bucks just to check my luggage. Well, I hope it will only be fifty total. I connect both ways so I hope it's not per plane...eeek. I didn't think about that before.

I guess I should get going on packing again. I did a billion and a half loads of laundry today and I have to put it away. I know K would be fine just pulling clean clothes from the laundry basket...however then the dirty nasty stuff just ends up on the floor. I'm working on that habit...silly boy! ;o) I guess I'm bad too., I leave my purse and little things everywhere and am constantly searching for things (like my sunglasses.) It was easy in the apartment. I'm still getting used to the flow of this place. I would live to have an entry table for keys and glasses but it's not totally possible.

When you walk in, you can step down to the right side right away into the sunken frontroom. Or you can continue to walk straight ahead to the kitchen. With the front door wide open, there is no room along the wall before the entry closet. After typing this I suppose I could get a skinny table to place on the other side of the closet, before you enter the kitchen and get to the door to the garage....It is wide enough a hallway that as long as I don't get a chunky piece it might work (the radiator vents are over on that side too though, blech.) Hmmmm.....must figure this out now.

Oh and today while checking out the weather for New Orleans and Biloxi...there is a tropical depression headed that way. Seriously. It looks like it might be a bullseye for us. It could veer left and go more on the LA/TX Gulf Coast but it will still most likely impact us. Everyday shows rain and storms. I wonder if it will intensify and become a tropical storm or hurricane. Right now according to weather dot com they are saying that there are two forces that are in place right now that might prevent it from getting any stronger but that it is a very delicate balance so it's not an exact science. I guess it's just one more wait and see things for me.

I know that there is more that I wanted to blog about but I've forgotten at the moment. That sucks. My brain is fried for sure :o)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

6 Days 'Till NOLA & MS

I am counting down the days until the mission trip and getting super excited in the mean time! I have been mapping out all the things I want to see and do in our down time. Supposedly we will have most of both Saturdays to explore New Orleans on our own which I am happy about. I am trying to pack as much as I can into those two days to say the very least. I know that I always have the option of going back down and staying with M and her family since it is her hometown but who knows when I'll be able to afford fun travel again, lol.

I have so much to get accomplished before I leave. I also have two interviews scheduled this week! Woo Hoo!! One I'm pretty sure is a crappy job i wouldn't want to take anyway but hey, it's a job.

K's little brother is coming up the week I am gone for his weekly vacation with us. I am really bummed that I will not be here for that. Normally he comes up for two weeks but this year they have a new football coach and the coach wants to start football conditioning a week earlier. It's BIL's senior year this year!! I can't believe that the adorable 9 yr old I first met is going to be a senior! We're trying to convince him that he should stay up another week because technically he's injured right now and needs surgery (he's getting cortizon shots in the meantime until he has it in the winter (after FB, before baseball). He really shouldn't overdo it before the regular season. He's pretty much the star receiver and the team would be in a world of hurt without him (well, in my opinion, lol.) He's planning on going to UW-Whitewater for school, I'm excited because we will be able to go to as many games as we can to watch him play.

Anyway, back to my busy week ahead! I need to get this place super clean before I leave. A week with two boys alone in the house can cause some Damage with a capital D! Not that they are slobs but you know how it goes. The cleaner I leave it, the cleaner it will be when I get back.

In other news, I haven't spoken to my dad or stepmom since the whole email crap. And get this...I haven't even tried to piece together fb updates from them. Maybe I really am moving on. It's about time!

We had some more storms this week and they were super severe. We had a little more flooding through the window well, but we've figured out that it is the downspout location that with torrential downpours can't drain it fast enough so the water spills over, through the deck and into the well. We lost power for about 6 hours on Wednesday from that set of storms. Never a dull moment!

Well, I better get back to grilling. I'm having a some cheesy bacon potatos off the grill and I am salivating just thinking about them!!

Oh, almost forgot - I have decided that I am going to move all my food entries to a new food blog. I am in the process of picking out a name and I'll keep you updated...just in case there is anyone who really wants to see my food updates (that would be you Walt ;o)  )

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just Monkey-ing Around

So yeah, I went bananas (harharhar) and decided to change my blog look. I like the beachy look but I just need a little change. There's way too many cute templates out there! Since I have a little obsession with cute little monkeys, this fits the bill for now. Did I mention I absolutely LOVE Curious George? So have fun with my childish look for a while :o)

Oh and if someone can tell me how to change my font colors for all my back posts, that would be great...
ETA: nm. I figured it out!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

***100th Post***

Well, I was hoping to have something very interesting to write for the 100th post. But I don't. Oh well. This past Wednesday was K and my 3rd wedding anniversary! 07/07/07 baby!! Woo Hoo. Is it bad that I sometimes wonder how many of us nutso 777ers are divorced now? Statistically, more people got married on 777 than any other day in history (that records were kept.) How many really just rushed to the alter because of the date? I wonder... ;o)

This weekend K is playing in the Real Men Wear Pink Breast Cancer Softball Tournament. It's the second annual and so far I think some good money has been raised for the woman that they picked to donate to. She is only 33 and is facing her second go with the disease. I can't imagine.

In other news, I am going on a mission trip to New Orleans and Biloxi two weeks from today. Well, provided my mom gets on buying me my plane ticket. Every year my church back home goes on some sort of mission. Last year they went to the same place but they developed such a good relationship with the church down there that they decided to go down there again. I haven't been able to go in the last few years due to finances, time off from work, ttc, etc. I was talking with my mom earlier in the week and she was like, you should go with us (her and my grandma go on these trips too.) I told her, "Ummm, Mom, I can't afford a plane ticket to anywhere right now." She told me that her and my grandma will pay for it. I feel kind of bad about that...I don't like having people pay for me but this is such a good cause that it's hard to say no. Especially since I have the time off. I really haven't spend an extended amount of time with either of them since we moved to Wisconsin so I am really looking forward to that.

As for my hesitation with the job search, I posted a survey on the boards and everyone was right, I can always offer to do a phone interview right then and there. If they don't understand that I am volunteering my time, well then, they might not be the most understanding company to work for. Besides, it's not as though I have had all that much luck in the interview department. I just got a call to set up a phone interview this Monday but other than that, I've only had 2 other phone interviews (with over 400 applicants for one of those) and one sit down interview. The economy here continues to falter, save for K's company, thankfully.

I'm hoping that this mission trip brings me something fulfilling. We all know I have been lacking in that department. I do feel weird since it's a church trip and I have now realized that I am spiritual but not religious anymore. I believe in something, but I don't believe that organized religion is the true answer. Maybe this is a sign. Either way, I think it will be good for me to go and help others. From what I have heard, we will be working in some soup kitchens, building houses with Habitat for Humanity and possibly helping with the massive oil spill cleanup.

So that's about it.

Happy 100th post to me, lol. Hope you all are still enjoying my never dull life!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thoughts and Prayers Needed

For my very close friend M. She was my maid of honor and my old roommate in Orlando. We worked together at the Contemporary Resort and we get into a lot of mischief whenever we are together, lol.

She has an almost 2 yr old now. He is such a wonderful little boy. I wish I could say that I have been able to get down to Atlanta to see them recently but time and circumstances get in our way.

After her delivery, M was diagnosed with post-partum cardio-myopathy (I think I spelled that right). She was very sick and went into heart failure. It was a scary time for her and for all those that love her. She was also told that she should not try to have any more children because of the stress it puts on her body. Another pregnancy could kill her. She has already had one miscarriage since her little boy :o( She even had an IUD put in to prevent this from happening.

Just last week she was rushed to the hospital. She had an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the loss of her right fallopian tube. Her doctor wanted to tie her left tube right away but she wanted to wait. She is out of the hospital recovering slowly. I know she is in a lot of pain. I just talked with her and she said that they have her on morphine but it isn't helping at all.

If you have any good thoughts or prayers to send her way, I know she would appreciate them. I love her to death and it's a very rough patch for her right now. Thanks!!