Sunday, October 31, 2010

Picture Post

Not quite done with the 1/2 bath...the toilet will most likely be pushed to tomorrow. I'll just post pics all at once when we're done in there. But I wanted to add some cuteness here for fun.
I broke out the down comforter this weekend, went to stuff it in the duvet and then got side tracked. I came back and started to stuff it but was wondering why I was having such a hard time doing so. Blanket monster strikes again. This time she was extra sneaky blending into the comforter and all. Brat!
The last one is of the pumpkins I did this year. One of the many childish things about me is that I still love Disney, very much including Winnie the Pooh. My fav characters are Lumpy (the Heffalump...or elephant if you must) and Roo. I think they turned out super cute if I do say so myself :o)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Eve

Not too much to report here. I'm a little down still. I am just sad that it's not us. People that file bankruptcy and have no money can have a child before us. Crack whores and drug dealers can have a dozen kids and rely on the system to provide for them. But we're not good enough apparently. I don't know how I messed up the parent application but I guess somewhere along the line I did. Dumbass. Everyone knows you don't need an app to be a parent....unless you have to have you husband go jizz in a cup and you have to lie on a mechanical bed in a doctor's office. Then of course it's mandatory. I've never failed a class in my life. Why am I failing the getting pregnant and staying pregnant class?

Tomorrow is Halloween and I am hoping that we get only two kids at our door - my former coworker's kids. She lives down the street from me and I hope her dressed up little munchkins are all that I have to see. Kids in costumes is hard on me. They're all too damn cute. I can't wait until we can dress our own child up as a little pumpkin or a little monkey -oh yes, there will be a little monkey to satisfy my love of them.

Anyway....I don't want to have this be an over the top bitter bitchy post. I really don't. So with that in mind...

We started the reno of the half bath. We are going to close it up and make it a true master bath but not this weekend. That will be phase two. I'm asking for gift cards from everyone for Christmas to Menards, Home Depot and Lowes so then maybe this won't be so out of pocket. (trying to behave with the $$, lol) For phase one, we are on track to pretty much completely re-do it for under $350. We will be putting in temporary flooring, the same as in the main bath, until we do the complete overhaul of the main floor flooring. No biggie. I like the stuff we have in the main bath so it will look nice in the half bath too. Of course I will be posting some before and after pictures in the near future so stay tuned!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Teaser Post of Sorts

I haven't been able to get around to more sewing today but we have gotten things done around the house so all is not lost. I did however get myself to Joann's for another one of their awesome sales. I got a TON of fabric for $35...and I still have plenty of money on my gift cards from last Christmas so it didn't even cost me anything.In that spirit, here are some teaser pics
The coffee collars:
 The burp cloth before sewing
Our front step all decorated for Halloween. I know, I know...not too impressive but I do love me my Minnie Mouse "Bride of Mickeystein!" (and fall cleanup is still ongoing in the front. I need to get all the front bushes out before winter comes.)
 The brand new front porch light K put up today. We got a twin pack of porch lights on sale at Menards for $12.88! It is such an improvement from the weathered twig and muck encrusted one that was there. The second one will replace the one on the back deck. And it has my favorite colored light bulb in there for Halloween :o) Oh who am I kidding? It will probably stay through Christmas!! Lol
Oh and we have decided to go home for a long weekend back in Chicago. K's little bro has his last career high school football game and we want to be there for that. He's the baby so this is it :o( The following weekend is Halloween and we will be up here and not in Chicago for the first time....ever. Kind of sad for us. We always have a block party of sorts back home and it's always a great time. But we don't know how this neighborhood is for this holiday so we'd rather be here to watch over things.

We are also going to demo the half bath and do everything save for the tile in there Halloween weekend. I know that's sort of bass ackwards but K wants to do it that way and since I am not the one that's tiling...I'll humor him. But I reserve the right to tell him I told him so when he finally gets around to tiling and he wonders why the hell he didn't just do everything at the same time. So now I have to go pick out the small medicine cabinet to go with my beloved small bead board vanity. I have to choose the paint color (it will most likely stay in the turquoise family) and we have to measure out how much wainscoting we will need for the room. What else...a faucet...which will be the only fixture in the house that isn't oil rubbed bronze. I'm sort of sad about that but since the knobs on the cab are brushed nickle, I have to stay with that. Maybe a new lighting fixture as well?? Not sure.

And then to round off the first weekend in November, the in-laws are coming up :o) Looks to be a fun few weeks!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Breaking out the crafts

This past few weeks I have gone from not doing a single craft to jumping head first into the throes of my crafting obsession. I still haven't touched the 2nd bedroom. By now I'm sure you will all die of shock if I actually start a post about how I did anything in my future craft room. But I digress.

So anyway...I have made a dog bed cat bed, fabric coffee collars, burp clothes and a throw pillow. :o) I am quite the sewer right now. The pet bed started off being for Wrigley. Of course Remy and Shelby had other plans. It is now their bed. I made too small of a version for poor Wrigs anyway. I have plenty of fleece that I had in store to make pet beds for Wrigley and Phoenix (my in-laws dog) that I never got around to so I am going to whip up another that will actually be for the pup.

Making the bed went a little something like this.....

"Mom what does this say?"
 "Seriously Mom? You love the smelly dog?"
 "She loves ME!" "Whatever dude."
 "Oh boy, I'm so excited!"
 "I'll show him"
 "Um..Mom? Mom?"
 "Hehe. Dumb doggie. MY bed"
Never a dull moment. Tutorial for bed coming this week when I make the larger version. Pics of everything else to come later this weekend as well.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

K gets a haircut

Not to be out done in the hair department, K decided it was time to cut his hair. Ok you ask, what's the big deal about a man's hair getting cut? The big deal is that he has had it growing since June of 09 with only a few trims here and there. It was about time for a cut in the fall of 09 when he said he'd keep it going as long as the Chicago Blackhawks were doing good. Welll...the Hawks won the Stanley Cup (woo hoo!!!) so it just kept on growing and growing and growing.

He looks so sexy with his shaggy hair. It's part rebellious, a nice middle finger to the confines of "normal" male looks. It's part tongue in cheek. How long could it get??? What would be the catalyst for getting it cut? That catalyst came late last week when he found out he would be presenting to a group of high ranking military and gov't officials for work this week. It's been fine at work, his bosses are cool enough to not care about the long shaggy hair. They never said, hey dude, let's look professional here. Naw, they're cool with it. It was K that was feeling a little pressure to look nicer.

It's not like he looked like a biker or a rockstar...although if he did, that would have been an even bigger turn on. I do love me some rock and roll badasses. got cut. I am sad. He is sad. It will be grown again ;o) I think I'm sad because I never made good on my threat to spiral curl his hair when he is drunk. I also am sad because through him, one of us has perfect hair. His hair is just...perfect. Perfect deep brown chestnut with traces of red. It's perfectly flowy. In fact, it does that perfect tousled flip look without any effort. it's thick and voluminous. Yes ladies, my husband has nicer hair than I do. Bastard.

Seeing him when it was done reminded me of when he caused me to go into hysterics 2 days before our wedding. For months leading up to the wedding I told him to shave his goatee off. He was like, no, you wanted me to grow it when we first got together and I did and I like it this way more. So I moved on. Then he comes out of the bathroom at his parents house all clean shaven. I burst into tears. My MIL laughs her ass off every time she thinks about it because she says she will never, ever forget the look on my face when it registered what he had just done. I can laugh now but at that moment, I almost jumped off a bridge. Butthead is lucky I married his sorry ass! He looks so young now. He cleaned up/trimmed his facial hair and now he looks about 5 years younger. I told him he doesn't look like such a dick anymore - which caused him to spit out his pop. I had to explain....he looks more approachable, more All-American boyish. I'm pretty sure that is his new motivator to grow it out again.'s only fair to add visuals for this momentous occasion, lol.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I gots a haircut and color :o)

And I loooove it. My old coworker also is a hair stylist (she's multi-talented I tell you) and she always knows what to do with my hair. Over the summer she lightened it, highlighted it and cut it and it was fab then. It's even more fab now. Her and I are a bit crazy and we have named this color the Chicka Cherry Cola...from that 90s song from Savage Garden. Remember that one? The haircut is now named The Savage Garden too. Here I am :o)

This past weekend was a lot of fun. Only my mom ended up coming up and while that was disappointing for K (lol, he and my stepdad are two peas in a pod) it was just fine for my mom and me. We hit the craft fair up and she was just as amazed at how awesome it was as I was 3 years ago. I got the cutest Halloween decoration for our house for $35. It's a Minnie Mouse jack-o-lantern head that lights up and is attached to a costumed body. She has the "bride of mickey-stein" wedding dress on. I love it. Then again, I just love Disney :o) The only downside to the weekend is when my mom left on Monday, I got really sad. She sent me the sweetest email on Tuesday saying "I had a really great time with you and K this weekend. I miss having you around all the time. I wish you were here so we can just go out and do things together."

I made a simple centerpiece for my mom to take home. I have the supplies to make a few more for me and for my mother in law....

Like I said, it's so simple. And cheap. Even better.
Do you have any pine trees? We have 3 but the one in the front of the house is huge. And very pine-cone filled! LOL. I have enough pine-cones to last me a long, long while. So I'm making center pieces out of them. I already have an idea for my winter ones. Anyway, back to these fall ones. All this is:
  • pine-cones (free)
  • basket (Dollar Tree - $1)
  • 1/2 packet of those gold rod things (Dollar Tree $1 for the whole thing, so this is just .50)
  • 2 bunches of fall flowers/leaves (Dollar Tree $2)
  • about 30 in of ribbon (Dollar Tree less than $1 for one basket)
  • foam 1/2 in round flower arrangement disk (Dollar Tree 2/pack for $1)
  • gold spray paint (Walmart $3. I already had this from other projects though)

Spray paint the pine-cones. Put the disk at the bottom of the basket, stick half the flowers in the disk to start out. Place pine-cones in basket when they are dry. Add more flowers/leaves. Finish off with the rods and the ribbon. The ribbon doesn't have to stay on perfectly. I could make it stay up by hot gluing it on to the basket but since it's just going to rest on the table, the casual drape of it is fine with me.Voila! A nice fall festive centerpiece for less than $5 (give or take)

Hmmmm, what else....not really sure to be honest. I really have to get going on finishing up the book post I have. There is about 4 books I have ready to be reviewed for here.

Oh - we bought a treadmill off of Craigslist last night! It will go down in the unfinished basement for now. I'm busy scouring for a decent entertainment center to put the older tube tv we have down there in. We just plan on hooking up our old PS2 to it so we can pop in workout DVDs and be set to burn some cals! The friend who did my hair is giving us her parents weight machine (her parents are selling their house that's a block away from us and they just want it gone) so we can have it for free! So yeah...I'm really pumped to be on the full on weight loss train. No more excuses. I want to be happy with myself for the first time in a long time.

Friday, October 1, 2010

More this and that

This is a quick little post just to slightly update. The couch was delivered on Tuesday and it is perfect. I love it. K loves it. The furbabies love it. They have to switch out one portion of the sectional because there is this one line that looks like the microfiber was shaved off, maybe by getting dragged against something. I don't know. All I know is that if I'm paying big bucks for a more "upscale" sectional, it's damn well going to be perfect...until we mess it up that is, lol.

My mom and stepdad are coming up to visit tomorrow and staying overnight. It's her birthday today so she's getting see us :o) The last time she was up was with my Grandma back in May to help us move. So basically she say a very rough looking house! I can't wait to hear what she has to say. Well....maybe I can. With my mom, she's one of those people who will definitely pick out the negative and tell you about it. Hopefully she's in a good mood. She should be. We are taking her out to dinner to a really nice place up here so as long as she has a full stomach and a drink in her she'll be happy. Then we can shop at the craft fair and the outlet mall on Sunday. I don't think we are going to be able to get up to Door County. I really want to go up, get some good fall pics, pick some apples and visit the vineyards up there.

Anyway...gotta get back to cleaning. Have a great weekend!