Monday, November 29, 2010

Didn't get the job

I made a follow up phone call to the recruiter who was responsible for sending my resume to K's company and thus resulting in that interview a couple weeks ago. He heard back this morning that they are going to go with someone else. :o( He is supposed to have a meeting with the HR person I interviewed with tomorrow to see if he can get some feedback so I hope to get some sort of insight into what they were really looking for. I hate how you can second guess every little word and phrase and tone in an interview. Did I sound upbeat and energetic enough? Did I sound like I would be a great employee? Did I answer that question to fast, slow? I hate interviewing for a job. I always feel like the kid not picked on the playground lately. This sucks.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A day late...but Happy Thanksgiving

There aren't enough words to say how thankful I am to have great friends and a (mostly) wonderful family. So for all of you, I am very thankful to have you in my life in some way or another.

And the rest will have to wait until another day to tell you all about the Thanksgiving festivities a chez Rachael. I'm too damn tired to even type ;-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Food Post

I have to make sure I link to this Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting I just made. I posted it on my other blog Gimmie S'More. It's spectacular (the cake that is, duh.) I had to make sure my readers here know about this wonderful dessert in case someone still looking for a dessert to make for Thanksgiving.

Banana Cake @ Gimmie S'more

Friday, November 19, 2010

Not quite as agitated post

I have had time to calm down since the last post. K is going to work on the truck this weekend and next. I'm praying he can fix it. If not, we have some backup plans. The thing is, we can technically afford another car payment. I just really don't want to. Not with me not working, not with us not being able to add anything to our savings, not with the house renos and IF struggles. My mom has offered us her car if we need it. She's been wanting to get a new car for a while and if it comes to it, I'll take her up on the offer but we'll see. K and I are keeping our eyes open for a cheap SUV/truck that we can pay cash for. I don't need anything fancy. I've never really been a huge car person. I don't need fake wood grain trim and in dash gps. So...I guess I am calming down.

What helps is that I had a phone interview yesterday!!! I am registered with a few staffing firms and one of them told me that he was sending my resume for a position with K's company. I have applied and applied to them before but haven't gotten anywhere with doing it on my own. So I was very skeptical about them actually contacting me. Sure enough, Bill, my staffing firm guy, called me yesterday morning and scheduled for them to call me yesterday afternoon. I spent the whole day practicing phone interview questions and brushing up on some software knowledge. I think it paid off. I think I did well and came across as a great candidate. Now I wait to see if I get a face to face interview. I pray I can somehow land this job. It's a BIG step up career-wise for me. And it comes with a hefty pay raise. Plus I'd be working for the same company as K and that means the same vacation time (and they are generous with that). So please...if you have job dust and T&Ps to spare, I would appreciate them!

In other news...the craft room is being stocked  now! Unfortunately my good luck with the hardwood floors cleaning up nicely in the bedrooms came to an end with this room. This room wasn't in good condition once I got all the glue up. Some boards have to be replaced without a doubt and it all has to be sanded and refinished. So in the meantime, we got a huge area rug remnant and put it down for now. We moved what used to be our pantry armoire in our apartment into the room and I folded all my fabric and put that away in there. It makes a perfect fabric storage solution. I have a loooooot of fabric. The desk will be brought in tonight, along with the old living room couch. Until the basement is done I think I'll keep it up here so we have one more bed (it's a sleeper) that is usable. The guitars can get hung on the yarn can get put away. I am so giddy right now. As K said last night, "It is starting to feel like we really did buy a 3 bedroom house after all!"

Other tasks for the weekend, finish putting the trim back up in our bedroom. Paint closet doors in living room. Rearrange our bedroom furniture and mop/sweep in there (holy crap I started to get craft storage out from under our bed and it was nasty under there. I was so embarrassed and skeeved out). What else...clean out the garage enough to get the cars rearranged. Continue working on the basement...lots of things. I still am trying to figure out a way to get to Chicago to pick up all that stuff. Exhausted already!

Well, in less than a week I will have 9 people in my house celebrating Thanksgiving...not a moment to spare to get things done :o) Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can I puh-lease catch a friggin break?!

Just one.

That's all I really need. Just one.

K took my truck to work today and he was smelling an anti-freeze type smell when he got to work and then again when he got home. Sure as shit, my engine is leaking all sorts of fucking fluids. Green, orangish-red, water....why not right?

He thinks it's a cracked intact manifold gasket. Whatever the hell that is. All I know is that by the sound of his voice, I know it won't be an easy thing for him to fix. He said he is going to try, that's the best he can do. I hope he is able to do it himself. The repair bill on something like that will be sky high if we take it in. The Blazer is old, in shitty condition (other than the interior, go figure) and has been on its last legs for awhile. Please be resurrected my little green buddy. I love you. You can do it.

Yes I am willing my vehicle to work. That's all I've got. I could go kick it but I'm pretty sure with the way things are going lately I'd just end up breaking my foot. Which the hubs might have done tonight to boot (har har har). He was walking past me to go to the sliding door to let the dog out and somehow managed to stumble and his foot and the dining chair collided. It's a lovely shade of purple now. He flipped from the pain and the frustration. I cried because I feel helpless.

I don't know what to do anymore. I'm feel like the biggest loser because I can't find a decent paying job that will hire me. I'm going to have to find two crappy ass jobs soon just so I can afford the car payment I'll need to get back and forth to the two crappy ass jobs. ( I know I am not really in the position to be picky about cars but we really do need at least another suv to replace this one. Every Saturday we have to take our trash to the drop off location. We do not have trash service on our street. Country living baby...even though we're barely outside of city limits. So I'm not throwing trash bags in the backseat of my car. Not happening. We have things we need to tow. Can't tow what we need to in a car. We live in an area that barely gets plowed in the winter and we live in an area that gets a shit-ton of snow every year. I have internal anxiety attacks without my 4x4 in snowy conditions.

And yes, we are going to be listing the boat for sale. Not the most ideal time to try to sell but if we have to, we have to. I'm not going to take what little we have left in our emergency saving fund for this. I like having that buffer for when something really does go horribly wrong (oh please God, buddha, jobu, I can't take anything more).

Oh yeah...Happy 3 Yr Infertility To Me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fly By Post

It's so cold here! I even saw the first snow flurries of the year today. Of course it is mid-November so I shouldn't be surprised by this. Especially being that we live in northeast Wisconsin. As I told my good friend, denial is a funny thing.

Today we had a bitch of a time getting some paneling home from Lowes. We really need a beater pickup truck. Gotta have some money first I suppose. Anyway, we had to tie the 10 boards up on the roof because they wouldn't fit inside (naturally) and it's windy and as I mentioned, friggin freezing. That was a fun 6 mile trek home through mostly open fields. We are trying our best to stay in a teeny tiny budget to do the basement. We are able to salvage about half the panels that are currently installed. We will paint them all a nice lighter color, probably something in the light tan/beige family, paint the ceiling tiles a fresh coat of white, install new lights and replace the flooring. We are most likely going to go with a more commercial grade carpet that has the pad already attached to it. We know it isn't the most pretty option but it's the least expensive. We don't want to worry about having to replace expensive carpeting should it flood. Putting tile down will be a long process because the floor isn't perfectly level. There is commercial tile down now but it has that black glue from the 70s and that will be the biggest bitch to get up. According to the two flooring places I went, I can't pull the tiles up and then lay vinyl tiles over the black stuff because it will bleed through eventually. commercial-ish stuff it is :o) I don't care at this point. Have you ever gone into a bunch of Wisconsin basements? They like the random carpets ;o) We'll finally fit right in! Bonus!

Yesterday we went to a "private" sale where we bought our sectional and we picked up two very nice area rugs. One is in the dining area and it matches the colors in here perfectly. I don't have the teal in here anymore (that's a spring/summer look) and this rug is awesome. I will post pics soon. The other one we got is for our bedroom. It had one tiny rip in the backing that we'll fix with rug tape and that part will be hidden under the bed anyway so I'm not really concerned with it. We picked both up for $137 with tax and they are both 5x7ish I think.

And I have to post an update about the third bedroom's hardwoods...ohhhh Kekis....if you're reading this - I finally got my ass in there and started! I have about 1/5 of the room done. I am going to get more done today. I plan to have it done by Tuesday - with furniture in there!

So that's my fly-by update. I am sure I'm forgetting a bunch of things but....I have some hardwoods that are calling my name!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ballooning Holiday Plans

What turned into a quiet(er) Thanksgiving, most likely only being K and me, has turned into a 9 person family gathering! My mom, step-dad and grandma decided they wanted to come up. Since they were coming, I felt like I should ask my uncle (my mom's brother) if he and his family wanted to come up as well.  We usually all spend turkey day at my grandma's so I would have felt semi-guilty if we left them out. So they're coming, all 4 + a dog. Not sure yet if they are going to get a hotel or how long they actually are staying. As of today my mom said they might either come up and go back in one day (and who wants to do that on a holiday?) or might stay Thursday into Friday. I think my grandma is paying for the hotel...once again, not sure on any details, lol. I would like to say that we will have the basement done in time for them and they could stay here...but that is not a definite.

My mom has already annoyed me with one aspect of the menu. I was talking to her while walking through Target and she mentioned that her and my stepdad would bring up some side dishes and probably the turkey as my stepdad always makes it. I am fine with the turkey part. No problem I say! I don't have to have a big ole bird sitting around taking up space in my fridge. I already have started pulling recipes for things I want to make. My grandma will cover the drunken sweet potatoes (omg LOVE hers) but I wanted to do a cheesy broccoli & rice casserole. My mom said she wants L's (step-dad) green bean casserole. Blech, but ok, not a hill to die on. Then I bring up desserts and I say that I have got the desserts covered. She says, "I'm still making my cheesecake." Problem is, I am planning on making my own cheesecake. I tell her this and she asks what's in it. I tell her and she replies "I don't like the mousse versions. I want the full heavy cheesecake. I'm making mine." Stupid to be annoyed but I am. I get it. This is how holidays work. One would think that you might just listen to your host when your host tells you what they need......One hasn't met my mother though!

Totally off subject but I just realized that I had blogged over the weekend and it's not here. I have no idea where it went to. It's not in my drafts either. The worst part...I have no idea what I even wrote about :o/ My brain's fried. Totally burnt toast.

So anyway...I have two weeks to get a shit load done. I think that I am even going to take a day trip down to Chicago to pick up some stuff (X-Mas decorations, the rest of my wedding china) that has been stored in the attic at my in-laws. Kind of crazy to do so but there are a lot of things that we never have room to bring back up with us when we go home. If I go alone, I have plenty of space....maybe even some room for an IKEA trip.... ;o) We'll see.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ta-Da! Phase One of Half Bath Complete!

I don't have many words to say about this other than I don't feel dirty and grimy just by standing in there anymore. There was just something about that bath that just plain old skeeved me out. Now it's all better! We picked out a pretty blue to paint over the blue...only to find out we pretty much painted it the exact same color that was in there! I always liked the color but it was dirty and nasty so I couldn't tell what it was exactly. There is only a teeny tiny difference between the old and the new :o)

Phase One included:

new vanity - $25 (Lowes)
new toilet - $140 (American Standard, Lowes)
new flooring - one box of heavy duty nice laminate sticky tiles for $24 (Menards)
new medicine cabinet - $49.99 (Menards)
new light fixture - $29.99 (Menards)
faucet - $49.50 (Price Pfister, Menards - clearance, org 99.99)
paint - $14.99 (Valspar, Lowes in Martha Stewart Living "Aegean Blue MSL 118)
various odds and ends (ball valves, caulk, plumbing stuff, etc) ~$25
Total - $358.47

Phase Two will be the dramatic part. We'll be closing off the access to the dining room/kitchen and adding a stand up shower to make it a true master bathroom. At that point we will also be adding the wainscoting on the walls. We were going to do it now but then we thought that we should wait because we don't know where all the seams will end up. We're also contemplating putting in a new window as the one that is in there is probably original to the house. So without further ado....

 all that wonderful soot that was in the whole house before. buhbye!
 The original toilet from 1966. Gross. Seriously.
I love the 80's mod lights. Like for sure totally
We found this gem of a wallpaper behind the medicine cabinet. Totally retro and awesome
If there is one type of project that will cause a divorce in this household, it's plumbing. It gets bad. End of story.

New floor! New paint! Or...fresh paint, same color by accident??
 ignore wreck of a kitchen in background. Clean up is NOT going to be fun tomorrow
 Love my new vanity fixtures
 I love, love, love my new vanity. Storage! Beadboard! Score!

 Pretty sure that basket will end up staying under the sink. Can't decide.