Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm in a funky mood

How was your Memorial Day weekend? We had some visitors up here - my dad and stepmom came up on Friday and left Sunday. We hit the town wide rummage sale and ate plenty of good food. They are in love with one of our local grocery stores, lol. Their deli counter is beyond huge and fabulous. They ended up taking home almost $100 on food to take home with them ;o)

I talked a lot with my stepmom and it went well. I think she really did want to hear about where we are and what we plan on doing. We talked about IF and life and how this just sucks. I told her how we really don't know where we are at with this journey anymore. Nothing has changed in this standstill that K and I are at. It really sucks. It really, really does, lol.  I just want a baby. I want to be a mother already. I lose hope more and more as each day goes by. :o(

I just feel out of sorts. I feel lost again. I feel like I am not keeping up at work and no matter what I do there, I still am not catching on. I've never had to struggle like this at my job and I hate it. I ask questions and I try to do the best I can but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm sure a lot of my fear about how others think I'm doing is in my head but I'm paranoid about job security and I think you can understand why!

I don't know, I'm in a funky mood again. I feel like we have so many things to accomplish around the house and no time or money to do them all. I know that is the story with 98% of people out there but I guess it's bothering me because I'm feeling like I'm not succeeding in anything right now. I have sort of pulled away from the boards because I just feel like not being around them all the time will help with my mental state - and it does to a point - but I miss the friendship and camaraderie.

So...that's where I am. Lost and wandering around again. Luckily know I have some awesome family and friends and they will help me to take my mind off of things. I just wish things were different and we were on our way to having a baby.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The 9th Judgment

I am for the most part a loyal James Patterson fan. I don't find his books to be anything other than decent books to read that move at a fast pace. They are easy to pick up and put down when you only have limited time to read, which is my life right now.

This was the latest installment of the Woman's Mystery Series and I liked it better than the last one. I am already in line for the holds on the 10th installment which will be released this week. I haven't decided yet if I am going to just go buy it or wait for my hold to come in. I eventually would like to have all the Alex Cross and Lindsay Boxer books in hardcover in my personal library so we shall see. Since it will only be $18 at Target this week, I'm thinking I might just purchase it.

Anyway, this book is based around 3, well technically 2 separate cases. One involving a breaking and entering spree that turns into the murder of a famous socialite. The other is the case of a psycho killer that murders mothers and their children in a meaningless manner. Of course romantic entanglements also take place in the book. Lindsay is newly engaged and Cindy is figuring out her relationship with Lindsay's partner Rich. There is the ever-present tension between the almost tryst between Lindsay and Rich. Yuki is trying to move past her reputation of losing big cases in the DA's office and her new boyfriend. Claire is constant as always in her medical examiner role.

Overall I liked this enstallment a lot more than the last couple. I am looking forward to reading the 10th book now!

Completed so far:

  1. Book about/at a wedding: Wedding Season by Darcy Casper, 10 pts
  2. Book IHO pet owner's day: Dewey's Nine Lives by Vicki Myron, 10 pts  
  3. IHO Earth Day, read an ebook, audiobook or library book: The 9th Judgment by James Patterson, 5 pts
Total Pts: 25 pts

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dewey's Nine Lives

This was a very cute follow up to the Dewey: The Small Town Cat who Touched the World, which I blogged about HERE.

This was more like a cat version of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul in my opinion. The stories in the book were all from people that were touched by the book about Dewey and wrote to her about their own cats. I loved all of the stories. Heck, I love any heartwarming story about an animal. I'm a sucker for those. I don't have much to say about this book other than I loved it, it was light and easy and made for a perfect book to read on lunch breaks or in short spurts because there wasn't a major storyline going on. If there are any more books like this that Vicki plans on publishing, I'd definitely read them.

Completed so far:

  1. Book about/at a wedding: Wedding Season by Darcy Casper, 10 pts
  2. Book IHO pet owner's day: Dewey's Nine Lives by Vicki Myron, 10 pts 
Total Pts: 20 pts

A friend's snub

I'm such a bad blogger nowadays! I just don't feel like coming home and spending any time on the computer lately since that's all I've been doing at the new job. I'm still overwhelmed at this place. I don't know how to gauge if I'm catching on yet or if I'm just holding on to the ski rope while the boat is dragging me face first through water.

ETA: Now that I've had my time to vent over that friend situation, I'm over it. I honestly haven't thought about it since I vented on here and got it all out of my system. So I'm erasing that part because I simply don't feel like wasting more space on it :o)