Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Week Away

Christmas is in sight...and that is shocking to me. Where did the last few months go? I apologize for the lack of blogging and the lack of posting on the boards but I have been so, so busy at work. It's insane. I know I have touched on that already but it's true. I had one half day that I came up for air and didn't stay late and then still take work home. That breath of fresh air didn't last though. I'm sitting next to a copy paper box full of shit for me to work on and complete tonight. Crazy huh? I will be losing my mind for the next few weeks still.

I hope to get back here and write some more soon case I don't...Have a wonderful Holiday if you are celebrating this week and safe travels to anyone heading out of town!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is it vacation time yet? (and Xmas decor)

Work is insane right now for me. This is my busiest time of the year with pricing and such. Managing pricing and literature for 30 different lines is beyond crazy when everything is getting ready for the new year's prices. Then add in the changes to freight and you get an over-abundance of changes. Oh and then you top that with a show that you have to ship out close to 1500 collated pieces of new literature...on Thursday am. You don't even have all your pricing in, let alone new freight. Yeah. Fun times. Not.

I am thinking that I might actually be getting a grasp of my position, lol. It's taken me 9 months but I'm getting there dangit! Everyone did say it was going to take at least a year to cycle through everything and they were completely right! I've been working late everyday for over a week and I even went in on Saturday. Add in houseguests and Christmas and the like and I am beat. Simply beat.

I know that there are people out there that have even more stressful jobs than I do so I'm not really complaining...just unwinding :o)

What else have we been doing? Decorating the house Clark W. Griswald style! Oh yeah. I'm all for those gorgeous houses with all white twinkling lights and wreaths with red bows. They look beautiful. We have a house across the street from us that does that. It looks fabulous. But....that's not our style. Loud and obnoxious bold colors are what make us happy ;o) Luckily we don't have too many neighbors and they all like it. Well, one might not but I really don't give a damn because he's a jackass who leaves his dogs out all day, every day. Last year while unemployed, I got to know his schedule really well and if the weather was bad I went and brought them into our enclosed patio. lol. I probably could have gotten in trouble for that but frankly, I don't care.'s some pics of obnoxiousness at it's best.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

30th Birthday was a success

Yesterday was K's Big Dirty 30 Birthday and it was such a fabulous time. I am so thankful that all of his family was able to come up and celebrate with us. I know it meant the world to him. I was able to surprise him with a gift that he has wanted since he first started playing guitars as a boy - a Gibson Les Paul electric guitar. He was shocked. It was priceless.

Here's a few pics - I hardly took any myself so these will have to do, lol
And my ILs new puppy Olive. Omg I am 1000% in love with her!