Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not a day of rest here

At some point I used to have nice leisure Sundays. I would get up, go to church, have brunch with my family, go home and veg. Whatever happened to those things? I do none of those activities on Sundays anymore.

Somewhere along the line my Saturdays became running around days and Sundays became the project days. And then I'm wide awake at midnight setting the stage for my crappy sleep schedule for the week yet again.

I think that in the last 7 weeks I've actually been asleep before midnight, like sleeping sleeping - not laying in bed reading, have numbered less than 10. I'm a serious night owl. Don't ever bother trying to get me to be productive at 6 or 7 am but if you're looking for someone at 2 am, I'm your girl.  :::smh:::'s projects started when we bought a new 3D TV for the basement last weekend. We planned to buy a newer, less dorm style TV stand for the upstairs and then take that one down to use in the basement. So Friday night and yesterday we spent a bunch of time running around trying to find a nice, decent, non-budget busting one to fit the bill. We ended up finding a corner unit that works for us for $80 at Menards. Sweet!

So we've had this rather large bookcase in the living room since we moved in and it houses my books and our most of our DVD collection. Now that the basement is finished and that is to be the true movie/gaming area, I have wanted to move that all downstairs. So we decided that today we would tackle moving it down there. doing that we expose a wall that we never put baseboard trim up. See there used to be baseboard vents along that wall. When the bank replaced the system, it got moved to the other wall. The wall has been hidden for the most part by other furniture pieces so we never had an urgent desire to finish that up.

So I mentioned that to K and he also said "well, if we are doing that, I really need to replace the electrical outlets and plate covers because they're nasty." So that's what we set out to do. K replaced 5 outlets and put all new floor trim in the room. We pulled the couch out since we had to get the trim in behind it and vacuumed the carpet and the under the cushions. We got the entertainment center into place and got the room put back together 7 hours after we started - but ran out of time and energy to get the bookcase downstairs! Figures right?? The thing that starts everything out is the thing that doesn't get done!

In between all that, I managed to start my deep clean of the kitchen in preparation for our annual Super Bowl Party. I reorganized the spice/baking cabinet, our huge lazy susan area, the dry goods/can goods / non-perishable goods area, did the dishes, washed 3 flower vases and got those all put away. I'm beat but yet still up. I started typing this about 2 hours ago and got distracted by the X Games and now I'm further distracted by the NHL All-Star Game.

Oh drive me crazy! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Belated New Year!!

I know, I know....I'm sucking it up big time still. Work is still frightfully insane although I am beginning to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. That is, on one specific task. I still have a billion more to go but I'll get there - someday.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. My Christmas started out awesome...until I got sick. Really sick. It all started around 1 pm Christmas Eve and I honestly thought I had just stuffed myself silly with fabulous Chicago foods. No, by 8 pm I was in and out of it on the bathroom floor, wanting to die. For the next few days I was really up and down. We got back up to WI and decided that since we had to cancel plans with so many people due to me being sick that we would go back down for New Years. Now, you have to know that K never, ever does anything for NYE. He would much prefer to do nothing and sit at home. I am opposite. I don't want to go out and get stupid but I also want to do something fun. This year we did.

We headed downtown for the fireworks with K's little bro and his gf. Along the way we ended up going a good deed for a fellow "L" rider by returning their dropped cell phone to them (of course this entailed us walking about 30 city blocks in a direction we hadn't planned on walking). So we ended up right at Navy Pier and watched the fireworks up close and personal. So far it was my favorite NYE since K and I have been together.

I found out this week that I have two cousins getting married 2.5 weeks apart from each other in Mexico this May! It's the same side of the family too! Our parents are all first cousins and we're the kids of whatever "tier" of cousins that makes us, that's what we are to each other. I'm honestly a tad annoyed by the situation. It's causing the family to have to choose one over the other. It's just a weird situation. One of them is about 10 years older than me and I wasn't that close to her growing up. This will be her second marriage and they have been engaged over a year and planning a destination wedding for about as long. The other is only a year older than me and we grew up visiting each other (she's from Cali) a lot. She came to my wedding and I really, really want to go to hers too. She just got engaged in November and we found out about it being a destination wedding a couple weeks ago. The only problems are: she chose a super, super $$$ resort and she chose a Sunday evening for the wedding. That's probably because the 5th (Saturday) is Cinco de mayo and a national holiday...I'm guessing that you can't get married on that day there?? even though I know we aren't expected to go, I feel bad about not going.

But the topper is that my dad and stepmom are going to the one on the 6th. It bothers me a tad because K and I had planned a destination wedding in Mexico planned for 5 months (not even joking, we had the deposit put down and told friends and family the plans) and my dad refused to go. He said recently it was because I wanted him to pay for it. I told him no...I wanted him to pay for his accommodations, not the wedding! He doesn't believe that's what I meant back then and I guess at some point I have to just let it go...but it still kind of rubs the wound raw again.

And to add to the situation...K and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this year. We had planned to renew our vows on the beach, as we had wanted our wedding to be in the first place. I've honestly had this planned in my head since we got married. I had a wonderful wedding at home with all our family and I don't regret it...except it wasn't my dream wedding. My dream wedding was to be barefoot on the beach. So since we never took a proper honeymoon (we found out we had a month to move to WI for K's new job and so we "postponed" it...but never got around to taking it), I figured that we would do it now. Here is the dumb part: I feel dumb telling anyone on my dad's side our plans, especially since the front runner for us is to go to the resort we originally planned to get married in the same area in Mexico. Almost like I don't want people to think I'm copying them or "thunderjacking" their weddings?? Does that even make sense? I know I should just stop being so silly about it because if it's what we want to do, we should do it but it still sort of makes me feel dumb. I mean, heck, we were ahead of the trend then if we want to look at it differently! hahaha.

Other than that, and other than work, I have been doing nada. the weather's been gorgeous and I've been enjoying that. I know that this mild season causes some hardship for anyone that needs snow for their seasonal jobs, esp here in NE WI, but....I will take 45 degree days in January anytime. Keep them coming.