Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trading Up

This is a sort of fun post to write about.

I'm not sure if I ever wrote about my wedding rings and engagement ring(s). See my true engagement ring I wear on my right hand every day. It was never meant to be a right hand ring. The jeweler had assured us that there was to be a matching band. It was back when the antique settings were coming back in vogue.  Of course with our luck, the band never came out. The way that ring sits, any band just doesn't sit flat with it.

So what does any bride to be do? Gets a whole different set! lol. I don't have too many good pictures of it but here it is:

The bratty part of me was always telling K that I wasn't attached to that set because the engagement part of it wasn't really my e-ring. I know I was very bitchy and annoying about it. My rings were really pretty. I really am a lucky girl. So for the last five years (can't believe we're going to be hitting our 5 yr wedding anniversary this July) I've been visiting jewelry stores (mainly when getting all current stuff cleaned/inspected) and picking out dream rings. Poor K has had to listen to me harp on the fact that I wanted to trade up. Such a bitch I tell you!

So we went to the jewelry store and I found something that I loved. And we got it. I ended up trading in my (2nd) e-ring but keeping the wedding band from my set. That was always what I kept telling K all the time. That I was attached to the band because I got that on our wedding day but not the e-ring because I just got that in passing. Well, you know what? Turns out I actually WAS attached to that ring! Go figure. Maybe it's because that ring has been through SO much in the last five years. We've had a big move by ourselves, began trying for a baby, suffered through (well, still suffering through) infertility, a deep dark depression, un-employments, rough patches in our marriage that we didn't know if we would work through. We also had some very fun times. We laughed, bought a house, traveled, brought home some furbabies, etc. It's been a marriage for sure.

So when they took my ring away, I never even got to "say goodbye" to it! It was just whisked away. And surprise, surprise, I teared up. I had to turn away because I really was two seconds away from cancelling the whole transaction! In the end I didn't. I have a beautiful ring. K and I are calling it our fresh start ring. I think it already means something special to me. Like, maybe this is just re-cementing our relationship. I'm so lucky to have him as my husband. I cannot imagine my life without him. Every marriage has good and bad. It's when you know the good will always outweigh the bad

So here it is:

Notice anything? It's the same thing as my old set! haha. It's just much bigger! I'm in sparkle heaven.

Monday, May 7, 2012

So little to say

I know I have left blogging land again and I apologize. I have so little to write right now. AF started today and we are not going to cycle this month. Instead we will wait until late summer to try again. I'm completely fine with this.

We might change our vacation/no vacation plans yet again. This time an inexpensive road trip to visit my grandparents in Texas. I hope it works out. I really just need to get away. Seriously need to get out of the office for an extended period of time.

Other than that...honestly, nothing. I haven't read any books. I haven't crafted. I haven't done jack unless you count spending countless hours pinning shit to pinterest. It's been kind of nice actually.

Oh wait, I take something back...I did get some nice 5 year wedding anny bling for my hand!!! I have an entire post for this one. I'll post it soon!