Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well...Christmas is over. New Years is upon us again. How in the heck did that happen? I am really not sure! :o) I hope no matter what holiday you celebrate, it was a wonderful one. I wish all of you a safe, happy and prosperous 2013 - may all your dreams come true!

To send this blog off for the year (even if I was a very bad overall blogger this year) I thought I'd talk a little about my love of Christmas ornaments. Growing up my mom had this glass spindle, given to her by my grandma, that was our tree topper. I loved it so much and always loved that moment when it went up. It is very similar to this item, but in blue:

Nothing ever felt right for a topper for any of my trees unless it was a glass spindle. I finally found one 2 years ago down in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin at a cute shop that sells all things Christmas year round. It's a fabulous place. This is the one I now have:
 The other decoration love I can also "blame" on my mom and that is of glass ornaments. I think they are so timeless and beautiful. I have plenty of non-glass ornaments, like my handmade set of felt 12 days of Christmas ones that my grandma made/gave to me and I wouldn't feel like my tree is complete without them. I generally just buy whatever ornament "speaks" to me, to steal a line from Pier 1, lol. But there is something about those hand painted glass ones that do me in every time. This year I added a few from my Thanksgiving trip down to Chicago. My mom and I try to get to Christkindlemarket in Daley Plaza downtown every year. It's a fabulous affair if you've never been. They sell items from around the world, set up in booths surrounding Chicago's largest Christmas tree. It's so much fun. This year I added a lighthouse, a glittery hot pink acorn, a Chicago Theater sign and a green spire! I love them all - I spent about $45 on 4 ornaments though....luckily K rolls with it, hahaha. The coolest part about the booth I bought these at? They are from Lauschaer Glaskugelhaus, in Germany. The box they pack your purchases into tells,
"They are original glass Christmas decorations from the Thuringian Forest. Since the year 1597 the people of Lauscha, a small town in the Thuringian Forest, have been working with glass. Lauscha is know as the cradle of glass Christmas decorations. There, the first glass ornaments in the world were made. Each piece is handblown and individually created."
I think that's so cool. I love little things like this.

I always find it funny that I have specific locations for some - my two sequined stars have to be the top two most two ornaments, The "K" & "R" have to be hung next to each other and in the same general location as the yearly couple (the ones you get names painted on, kwim?) ones that I get for us. In the end, there is no right or wrong way to decorate a tree, am I right? As long as you love whatever you have and enjoy the beauty...who cares?! At least that's how I feel. Last year I had two big main trees and I themed the fabulously large real tree in the frontroom with the colors in the room - red, silver, blues. I put the white tree, along with my vintage, bright, colorful ornaments downstairs in the rec room. It was nice and I enjoyed them...but I was also glad that this year I decided to just go with the white one (granted that was because we thought the house would be on the market right now but still...)

As I'm sitting here looking at my tree, I even realized that I never got around to putting the spiraling ribbon on it...huh. Guess it's too late now! But that just further proves my point that you can't go wrong when you decorate the tree. I have so much lust looking at some of those glorious trees from uber decorators, the Martha Stewart's and the Pinterest goddesses, but in the end I am happy with my tree routine. Enjoy!


 Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter of the World

Winter of the World (The Century Trilogy #2)Winter of the World by Ken Follett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yet another Ken Follett novel that kept me gripped and, well, basically obsessed until I finished.

I think part of the fascination with this novel for me is that it's the second in a trilogy that isn't too far into our past. It's a shocking slap in the face when I think about how this is my grandmother's era. It's scary to think about how little time has really past.

Anyway, the book was just as grabbing as book one, Fall of Giants. It picks up with the next generation of the characters in FoG. As Hitler and Stalin move their countries towards the evil we now know, these characters are confronted with a second, more terrifying world war. The injustices and bitter realities of the 30s and 40s make for a book that kept me glued to the page. I rooted for Daisy and Lloyd's complicated love story. I grew tired of Voloyda's never faulting love for Communism and his role in stealing American secrets. I grew anxious as I saw where the future final chapter in this trilogy will take us.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


So another Thanksgiving has gone by and we hosted my mother's side again. I really enjoy hosting this holiday and I'm sad that it might be our last. If we do end up moving this year, it will be too far away to host. We will once again join the millions who travel home for this holiday.

I'm already dreading the Christmas hoopla. At least I have one less house to have to worry about this year. My dad and I haven't resolved our issues and I am not invited to their celebration. Which is ok because back in July I told them to not worry about me for holidays because I'll spend them with family who actually want to spend it with me. Needless to say this is much deserving of its own post.

In other vents and frustrations, we hit 5 years of infertility in November and it's hitting me hard. I am surrounded by tons of pregnancies in real life. I completely understand that their ability to get pregnant is not related to my inability to do the same. It still sucks and hurts and I wish none of us had to deal with this shitty, shitty road. K and I are most likely going to pick up the cycling again after the new year, depending on if we're moving or not. We shall see. We're still undecided on if we should do another IUI or IVF and we're not in a huge rush so we'll figure it out as time passes. Tomorrow is his 31st birthday and I really, really, really don't want him to hit 32 without a child.