Saturday, February 9, 2013

February Farewell to Grandma

This past week we had to say goodbye to K's last remaining grandparent, his maternal grandma. :-( She was the one I blogged about two years ago on here that went into the hospital and it didn't look very good for her then. It has been a long roller-coaster of a a ride for her health-wise since then. She never left the hospital/rehab nursing homes. She was one tough Pollack! The only nice thing about the wake and funeral was seeing all of my extended in-laws. It was nice the whole family was able to be there to celebrate her life. She was a wonderful lady, one I am privileged to say treated me like her granddaughter for the last decade. I will miss her.

In regards to everything else...I'm busy sending out my resumes. I have reached my limit at work. I stuck my neck out for some people and tried to help better the department by throwing out suggestions on how we could better restructure everything with two people leaving us but they refuse to think outside the box. I would rather have my sanity back. I have a good lead on one job and I have a second interview coming up. Fingers are crossed big time!

We have our meds for the next cycle! I do not plan on cycling for a few more months but it's in the works! My MIL has always said my BIL was sent to them by her father when he passed. BIL was an oops MIL said she told GMIL before she passed that she needs to return the favor again so MIL will have a distraction. I pray she is right.

Other than is life. It ends, it keeps going. We just try to keep moving forward as best we can.