Friday, March 22, 2013

I've Moved Up

In the job department that is.

I quit my old one.

Thank God.

Today is the end of my first week at my new job and I realize now just how stressed out I was. I mean, I knew I was stressed out but it really took this week to make me fully appreciate what a burden that job was. I come home smiling. I come home happy. I love my new group and my new boss. I love my role. The funny thing is that I am finally back with my favorite ex-employer. You know, the one who laid me off waaaaay back in July of '09? I'm sure you could find a blog post or two about it. I'm in a completely different position and division but it's a great place to be.

More to come. I actually picked up a crochet needle for the first time in months. I'll share pics and more updates soon.