Monday, June 17, 2013

I DID it! Color Run Chicago in the books!

My first 5k is in the books! This fat kid made it through the run in one piece. Slightly colored...wait beyond covered...and looking like a blue smurf but extremely happy I made it to the finish line. My SIL was awesome and took it at my slow-ass pace and for that I am grateful. I really, really enjoyed the Color Run. It's a ton of crazy, zany, happy people. Everyone was there to just have a great time. Race time was 8 am and SIL and I were in the 3rd wave of releases. There were so many people (40k worth) that when we crossed the finish line they were still releasing the final waves. Being in downtown Chicago, running along the lakefront in Grant Park, just blocks from my last "single girl" apartment was such a great way to spent a gorgeous Sunday morning. I love and miss Chicago so much! are a couple of pictures. I *should* have had a ton more to share...except my mom apparently will never be a professional photographer. She "took" about a 100 ("oh it has to be a hundred at least") shots of us before, during (her, K and SIL's FI were our cheering squad throughout the course) and after....only my mom never really took any. She thought the focus notification sound was the sound of clicking. Not a single picture was snapped. While it bums me out, it's completely and totally hilarious. Luckily she also thought the battery died so we snapped a few shots on my phone at Buckingham Fountain.

We've already made plans to repeat this race next year. I told K about my desire to run either the Disney 10k or the 5k and he's interested. He definitely wants to do the Color Run with me next year :-) Maybe this running thing might stick with us! You never know...stranger things have happened! hahaha.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Where to blog...and about what

This topic is something that I have continuously been pondering for well over a year now. This blog has always encompassed basically all my interests. A catch-all dump of thoughts, emotions, life, crafts, travel, food, books, etc. I had decided long ago to move the food posts over to their own blog and I'm glad I did. It felt slightly misplaced over here. Now I'm not one to think (or even want) to become a big name blogosphere blogger. I've liked the little corner I've held with the small amount of readers I have. Most of them come from my years on infertility message boards. And I love that. As time has gone by many have moved on. Some have had kids, some have adopted, some have decided to be child free. Some stopped reading because I stopped blogging. Some I probably offended at some point or another. Tis the way it goes.

So back to my point (sort of.) What do I want this blog to be? I would like for it to be the place that people can come to read about my IF journey first and foremost. it's one story out of a million. But what do I do with the non-IF threads? Do I move them to a new blog?  I don't have any idea of what I really want to do. If I did move the non-IF/non-life type posts, I know I can always link back and forth...


If only I was the world's best crafter or reader or cook or fertile. It would make this stupid, not-really-important decision so much easier :-)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Losing the chunk

So for a long time I've mentioned trying to lose weight and/or the plans I have to actually do it.

A couple months ago I signed up for the Chicago Color Run and the race is this week. For the last 3 months I've been working hard at my diet and exercise. I am proud to say that I have lost 15 lbs so far!! I have another blog that I am currently working on to document it all but I am not sure I'm going to make it public quite yet. If I do, I will let y'all know where to find it.

In the beginning, I honestly was having trouble with seeing any results. I thought that I would go Biggest Loser style and drop 10 lbs in a week no problem. Of course that's highly unrealistic since I'm not locked away with personal trainers and chefs at a glorified fat camp. No ma'am. Wisconsin is where I'm at, land of beer and cheese. The beer part is easy for me to lay off of since I only like to get smashed at concerts now apparently (t.i.c) and due to IF and cycling over the years, it's not a big thing for me anymore. Cheese on the other hand...I adore cheese. I'd probably marry it if I could. Just give me a brick of cheese for dinner and I'm good. Or deep fry it and hand me some marinara and I'll be your BFF for sure. All that melty goodness...

Sorry, got side tracked and am now drooling on myself now. Where was I? Oh yes...

So I logged back into the website My Fitness Pal after neglecting it for some time and started to log my calories. It's tough to be honest. It really is. It's all there in black and white. Sometimes I'm like, well I don't think I *really* ate that full serving...Click add to diary fatty. No cheating. It helps me to know my boundaries. Some people might not like that but for me, for now, I do. I need that guilt complex that I'll get if I gorge on 4 baskets of chips and salsa.

As for the exercise part, I started off on this quest during later winter. In Wisconsin, it can be winter in June (think I'm kidding?? There were frost warnings last week just north of here. It's depressing.) So I had to start off doing everything inside. As K and I have invested over the years in various workout equipment, we have an elliptical in our rec room downstairs. I started off on that, just trying to follow a basic, simplified couch to 5k plan. Bursts of speed and intensity followed by slower more relaxed paces are great to get the heart pumping without feeling like you are going to die. This went on for weeks...and weeks. Until about a month ago when I could finally get outside after work and walk and or jog. To be honest, there is absolutely no way I will run the Color Run. I will be walking. But I'm ok with that. As long as I finish. That's the goal.

So that's where I stand right now. I feel like I've possibly come up on a little plateau in the last week or so. This week I am going to concentrate on not killing myself and having a successful run. Next week I might allow a couple days off but then I am going to have to kick it up a notch to get the weight loss back on the decline (increase??). I have many, many fatass jiggles to lose, probably close to 65 more, but my goal by October is to be two dress sizes smaller. Whatever number that correlates to I'm not sure, but we have a wedding and I want to be able to buy something that makes me feel pretty in the family pictures that we will be taking. By the end of the year, if not pregnant from our fall cycle, I'd like to be down a total of 50 lbs.

Send me all your positive thoughts and strength to stay on this course. It's hard. But I can do it!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the Middle (Sister to Sister, #1)Stuck in the Middle by Virginia Smith

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

You can go ahead and add me to the “I have no idea this was Christian lit” camp when I downloaded this. I had actually checked this book out of the library about two years ago but never got around to reading this. It stayed on my Goodreads To-Read list and when I saw it in the bargain Nook books, I jumped on it. I agree that the summary & subsequent beginning of the book doesn’t really show an abundance of the Christian theme. It was more of a wholesome chick lit start.

As the story continued to unfold, I found myself getting more and more annoyed with the characters. It’s hard for me to think of Joan as a college educated 25 year old woman. I waffled back and forth thinking she was 17 or 47! What 25 year old has spinster labels so readily at the forefront of their minds? Well, I guess if you are from the Bible belt, you might be used to your friends getting married at 20…but still. Joan grated on my nerves for more than one reason. I wanted to like her, I really did. But she seemed to become the overbearing “Christian” that I have grown to dislike. I was raised Christian (UCC) but I grew tired of her judging. That’s what is funny about this story. She is trying to become a better God-loving, daughter of Christ, yet she unknowingly throws judgement around left and right. I'm not sure everyone would pick up these judgments if they are of the same mind. She battles jealousy. She fails to believe in herself. She is selfish.

I think a lot of my dislike does stem from the fact that I have pretty much left organized religion. I really hate when people, in literature and in real life, throw all the control to an unproven entity. That everything is predetermined and that we have no control  over our lives. There is a lack of self responsibility. How about having faith in yourself? And please don't even begin to tell me God chooses crack addicts to have babies over much more deserving infertile couples (OK, tangent acknowledged). And then if you don’t go to church you are judged – as Joan does throughout the book towards her brother in law and her younger sister. It just leaves a nsaty taste in my mouth.

I can’t even really get into the main plot points too much because I really am having a hard time getting past the religious parts of the book. In a nut shell, Joan is battling both her fear of her grandma getting older and being moved to a “nursing home” and also by a budding relationship with the new doctor next door. Along the way she has to battle with her younger sister to “win” a relationship with Ken (stupid by the way), with her older sister Allie having a baby, and with finding out the truth of her parents divorce years ago.

In the end, I’m disappointed. It isn’t the type of book I was looking to read. I am sure there are plenty of church going folk that will love this book. It isn’t racy so it would be appropriate for young adults+ so I think that would appeal to that target audience. At least in the end I only spent $1.99 on it