Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday funday

Yesterday I "ran" my first 8k - the BoA Chicago Shamrock Shuffle!! I put the word ran in quotes because I basically jogged it at a walkers pace per my RE nurse's orders. When I say at a walker's pace, I mean that I was going so slow that I wasn't even passing the walkers, hahaha. But I promise you - I am not complaining. I was just happy to be allowed to do the run. I'm not a person that cares about my placement or times other than I do not want to be the last one in my age or gender group. I wasn't so I am hap-hap-happy! Mind you I also ran this with a raging AF so I think that alone was a big win :-) I will be blogging a much longer recap of the race over on my fitness blog in the next couple of days so please feel free to check it out if you are curious. I took pictures all along the course, haha.

My first two doses of follistim went without incident. I had my first monitoring appointment this morning before work (hello 6:45am) and the tech said that I have lots of little ones that seem to be growing and are all around 4-6mm. That seems to be about right for only having 2 days of stims in. I'm impatiently waiting for my call this afternoon from AFC to let me know what my dosages will be for tonight and tomorrow. I'm guessing I will have my next monitoring appointment on Wednesday morning at the same time - and the same time as our appraisal for the house. Poor K will get to wrangle the cats and dog while the appraiser comes in, hahaha. I don't envy him.

Edited to add call info
I got the call around 2:45 and they decided to cut my dosage down to 200 IU of follistim and to begin daily monitoring. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meds Start Saturday

I finally got the call from the nurse and to start out I have an nice easy couple of days. No complaining here! Saturday and Sunday will both only be 300iu of Follistim and then Monday morning will be the first monitoring appointment. Easy peasy. I can handle this. 

In non-IVF related news, we are also refinancing the house right now. We took a look at the finances and decided that it would be smarter for us to refinance before rates go back up. We've been in our house for 4 years come May 3rd and we've done a nice job with the dent we've put in the principal. We locked in at the lowest rate we could back then (shade over 5%) and took advantage of the first time home buyers tax credit. I've blogged extensively about the renovations we've made and the fact that we made sure to buy a house that would have equity in it. Now it's paying off for us. We are looking at about 60k in equity sitting there right now! So we're going to make it work for us and refinance, take out a couple thousand to pay off credit cards (like Home Depot that we had to use after I was laid off and had to do said renovations...LOL), and it will drop our PMI from our mortgage now, lower our monthly payment, and leave us with only having the mortgage, student loans, car, bike payments. with us planning on dropping cable, we think we could potentially pay off the bike in 7 months and then the car in another 8 months. That would be fabulous. 

Along with this comes the fact that we are trying to prepare for us to live off of one salary if we need to. In my head I think that I would love to work part time should we have a baby. But if I was able to or needed to (with like twins) stay at home, we want to do our best to make this as easy as we can. It might not work and I might have to keep working and that is quite fine. But at least we're finally feeling like we're getting "there." Especially since we busted our butts to pay for this IVF in cash (plus some donations from gofundme). 

I'm feeling optimistic about the future - no matter the outcome of this IVF. But please, please, please let this work :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

IVF Baseline: Check

My ass crack of dawn appointments have begun. I used to have to drive 30 miles north to my appointments and then drive the 30 miles back before the work day. Now however, I work a couple miles down the road so it's a tad more convenient. Well, it will be M-Th. Fridays I work back out of the town I live in so hopefully I don't have a monitoring appointment that falls on a Friday, hahaha.

Anyway, I had my baseline ultrasound and blood work this morning. I assume it went well. I wouldn't know because AFC didn't call me, lol. I left a message late in the afternoon so hopefully I will hear back in the morning. I also assume that depending on what the baseline tests showed, they're coming up with my dosage schedule.

I'm just going out of mind waiting for this to begin. My focus is in the shitter. It's pathetic. The fear I have over the fact that I am being extremely optimistic over this working is starting to freak me out.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Can we fast forward a few weeks?

This waiting is killing me. I just want to start this IVF already. My brain can't focus on anything but IVF and my SIL's bridal shower. It's pretty bad. This weekend was good in that I was able to distract myself with sewing up some coffee collars and starting a FB shop to sell them via. But all day at work today? Nope. Nothing but B&B - babies and bridal shower. 

I was talking with a friend about how I'm really, really either being incredibly naive or smart with my decision to be unwaveringly optimistic about the probability of success. I have allowed myself to talk baby names, to look up nursery furniture, to joke about needing a minivan if this works - especially if we were lucky enough to have twins. 

I want to be at least started with the stims. I don't think that they will get underway until this Saturday. Baseline is two days away (well 1.5 now) on Wednesday morning. 

Please stop standing still time. I need you to go by at warp speed right about now.

Friday, March 21, 2014

It's finally spring

Today will be the warmest day around these parts since last fall and I am so excited for the brief warmup. Naturally it's going back down to the 20s by Sunday :'( Waaah! I am so over this winter. It's been wicked cold for months and I'm just over it. I have cabin fever. I'm sick of being couped up. I want to stop covering my feet up with socks! Ugh!!!

I plan on going home today and opening up the windows and airing the house out. It is beyond a train wreck at this point. I wish it would warm up and stay warm for good already. I need to have a good spring cleaning. I want to have a garage sale. I can't do that if we still have snow in the 10 day forecast. 

Time is starting to fly for me right now. I have my SIL's bridal shower coming up in a couple weeks already! I know the next month is going to both fly and drag by. I'm not one for wishing time away...but if we could just fast forward 30 days, I'd be ok with that.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nearing the beginning - IVF

I'm nearing the beginning of the guts of this IVF cycle. I'm of course am getting really anxious and nervous. I have to pay the remaining $8,600 for the actual procedure by Monday and that makes me want to puke. That doesn't even include the cost of the monitoring and any further drugs I might have to order. I have a litany of drugs that I will be taking and I'm so nervous about screwing it all up.

I'm also really...lack of word....that I am at a standstill with losing weight. I hit 40 lbs lost last week and I'm more than thrilled about that. Except now I am trying to get pregnant and that isn't my main focus. I think that I am just struggling with the fact that for the last year I have had one priority and that was to lose weight and now that that isn't my focus - I feel slightly lost. 

My last birth control pill will be on Monday. I also will take the last vitamin D tablet on Monday. Wednesday the 26th is my baseline appointment. I believe that is the day I will begin all the injections but I'm not 100% sure. A month from now, barring any setbacks, I will be getting closer to beta. This can't fail. It just can't. I have my hopes up way too high right now.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm sick :(

I have a case of the sickies. Ugh! I hate being sick.

I have been busy trying to wrap my head around the fact that my SIL's wedding (and shower) is fast approaching and I have so much going on right now. 

I had one of K's cousin's give birth this past week and it was another hard pill to swallow. Then the cousin that came to us about adopting her baby is fast approaching her due date (June) and is still posting a million inappropriate things on fb. She's busy going to hooka lounges, drinking those super double shot caffeine drinks, no job, no way to get to dr. appointments, etc. It makes me so sad. The cousin that just gave birth has a lot of "issues" and it's K's aunt and uncle that have to basically enter round two of parenting, at least for the time being. Pg cousin sees all of the other's fb statuses and still thinks having a baby is super easy and everything just magically works out in the end. It hurts my heart. I'm really trying to stay positive here. I congratulated the one who gave birth and sent her my love. I just have to continue to sit on the sidelines until it is my turn. I can only hope and pray that that time will be sooner rather than later. 

Anyway, I am having another coughing fit so I will just have to continue this later.  

Hysteroscopy complete

Today I had my hysteroscopy completed along with the mock transfer. K has a repeat semen analysis. Both results were good. His motility was at 80%, morphology ay 6% and count was at 200+ million. Yay!

I go in for my baseline on 3/26 and will be on a crap-ton amount of drugs. So far I know of Follistim, Lupron, low dose HCG, Ganirelix, Estrace, PIO, and some other things that I am forgetting. I know every first timer has worries of screwing up the dosages- and I am no different! Keeping it all straight is going to be the hard part, lol. 

I'm also battling a horrible cough/cold right now too. I've been miserable the last three days. Ugh, please let me feel better in the morning!