Monday, June 23, 2014

NT Scan complete

And we got these cute little pics of bunny. 

This little one was so freaking adorable during the scan. Bunny loves his feet and kicking - especially towards the pressure from the wand. At one point Bunny turned over and wiggled his butt at us, haha. I think that it has my nose and my lips, judging from the pouting you can see in the close up shot. 

I didn't ask for exact measurements but my doctor said that everything on the scan looked good and that he expected the blood work to come back fine as well. I can expect those results in a week or so.

I'm just so in love with this little one. It's amazing how much love one can have for someone not even here yet - especially one you weren't sure you'd ever get to meet.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week 12 Wrap-up

I ended up moving my OB appt from Wednesday to Friday afternoon because K would be able to come with me and hear the heartbeat plus talk about the NT scan. I wasn't planning on doing it but, as I told my doctor, I am not going to make it to week 20 without another u/s. After checking with my insurance coverage and finding out it would be mostly covered, I thought, "ok fine, why not." lol. So that will be tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to getting a nice long look at bunny.

This past Thursday's progesterone check came back at 46 so we've decreased my PIO down to 1.2 cc. My nurse estimated that I'd be on PIO for another 3-4 weeks. My ass will be very happy when that day comes that's for sure. 

I had a little brush with local fame on Thursday as well. I had a reporter contact K and me about a week ago and she was looking to do a story about couples doing IVF, the costs associated with it, and fundraising. She had actually found us through our Go Fund Me site. I met with her on Thursday at work and then the story ran that evening. The full story had a little bit of a slant I didn't appreciate and that was that we raised all our money through GFM. Um no. While we did raise $770, $3000 came from my ILs, my mom, and my grandma and then the other almost $20,000 was all our savings. So yeah. But by the second run, they had changed it to "savings plus fundraising." Much better.

Other than that it's been a normal week :)

This pregnancy is trucking right along. I really don't have anything to complain about. I know I'm one of the lucky ones in that department. Maybe it's just the pregnancy Gods shining down on me and taking pity on the long road to even get here, hahahaha. Whatever it is, I'm grateful. If the only thing I'm dealing with is being tired often, I'll gladly take it.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wedding season is done for me

Both my sister's weddings are now over. 

Can I get an AMEN! ;-)

This weekend was a busy one with the last of my step-siblings getting married plus it being Father's Day weekend. We went down to Chicago on Thursday afternoon in time for the rehearsal (I did a reading) and we finally got to my in-laws at about 8 pm. Friday morning my SIL and I went to get our nails done, I got my hair done, and then it was time to head to the wedding. I'm a little bit put off by the way my dad wasn't included in many of the "little" details of the wedding but it's not worth starting yet another world war fight in the family over it. 
Pics from this wedding:


Saturday we went to a BBQ Fest at Six Corners in the city and I got to have some Amarillo BBQ! I saw the stand and was in heaven. I'm so sad that Amarillo doesn't look to be in the cards for us this year (ok, with good reason, lol) so it was a little taste of grandma's in a sense.

Saturday night I headed over to my great-aunt's house to have a little family get together. My great-uncle and his daughter were in from Oregon and I hadn't seen them in years so that was nice. Seeing my grandma is always the highlight though :) 

Sunday we went out to the burbs and we actually started our registry. It's more for our purposes at this point though. The one out by my mom's is 3x the size and much more selection so we put some of the bigger things on there that we couldn't see in person at ours. Yeah, we could have done it online but we didn't want to not see it in person before picking it out. We also seem to have picked out our nursery furniture (other than the glider). K actually saw it first and really liked the way it looked. Our house is very beachy/nautical so it fits the look of the house - even if the nursery will be done in Curious George. This is the crib:
Speaking of Curious George...I found that bedding! As luck would have it, about two weeks ago someone posted it on CL and they lived in the burb next to my mom's! We picked it up on Sunday and it is still in very good condition with no stains. They only had the quilt and the fitted sheet but that's totally fine with me. Now I am going to order the window valances that match the sheet. I found a seller on etsy who must have had the flat sheet and she made them into the valances. She also can make a small CG lampshade so that will work out perfect. 

After BRU, we went to lunch with my dad and stepmom. I have to say, it's really nice feeling like we're finally over the rough parts we've had in the last five years. I feel like he's back to being my dad again :-)

In other baby news, I had my progesterone come back at 41 last Thursday so we dropped down to 1.6cc. I don't want to jinx it but I think we might be heading for the home stretch in the shots in the ass department! Woo hoo! I'm 12 weeks this week so 2nd tri is just around the corner!! I have an ob appt this Wednesday but I'm going to call over there and see if I can possibly switch it to Friday and see if they will do an u/s as well. I am dying to have it done. If I can get in on Friday afternoon, K will be off work so he can come too.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

House Shrunk

That's what I feel like right now. 

Like our damn house shrunk. 

And we don't even have any baby gear in here yet. 

It's eye-rolling for sure to think, "Oh my house is way too small." But that's exactly what we keep finding ourselves saying right now. We are far from minimalists and that doesn't help the situation. We're not complete pack rats either...but we are well on our way to that title. I think the biggest problems are we have hobbies that take up space: crafts for me and guitars/sports/toys for K. Not to mention the fact that our house is a revolving door for guests using our place as a vacation home. Don't get me wrong - we love having them here and we love having them often. It just means that we are not a household that can eliminate a guest room. That's not possible and isn't going to happen. As it is, we could easily use 2 guest rooms and still have a need to put people on couches and air mattresses. 

Today we went and looked at some open houses again. Last weekend we looked at a few and absolutely fell in love with one. We were 3 seconds away from saying, our house is officially on the market. Then we looked at the house's taxes. Pshaw, riiiiight. No way dude. There was no reason for the taxes to be that high either. None whatsoever. Ugh, that balloon popped real damn quick. 

Today we found one contender. I'm laughing in my head because guess what?? It's another foreclosure. 
::: Big sigh:::

Am I willing to do it all over again? For the right price, absolutely. It was *almost* a move in ready home too except the carpets need to go throughout the entire house (not a cheap fix) because of some cat pee smell. Other than that, it was mostly in good shape. It would give us one more bedroom than we have now and we would only downsize the garages from a 4 car (2 attached/2 detached) to a 3 car attached. It was in a better school district and newer than our house. My task now is to look up the property records and see what the bank's foreclosed amount was - because I'm not paying the listing price even if it was reasonable. 

I do think we have a couple more years up here in WI at the very least so we will have to be happy with where we are living. We do love our house and our location now but there are negatives adding up. During the winter, the snowmobiles come across the lake to go to our neighborhood bar (in our backyard) and they tear up our land and our neighbor's land. We both have repeatedly asked them to stay to one side of our property that we grant them access too. 

This past winter was ridiculous with how assholish they were. One Sunday night three guys were doing circles all the way up to our back deck and I was standing outside in my pjs yelling at them without them listening. It was 11 pm, K was already sleeping, and I got my ass in the car and drove over there in my hot pink snowmen jammers. In I marched and yelled at them. They were all, "I wasn't in a backyard, I was in a field." Um no dumbass, that acre and a half is my effing backyard and if I walk the tracks you left right now, you'd be on top of my deck. Another time the neighbor and I were chatting and a pack flew through the yards. They had already ran over two of his newly planted grove trees that winter and we started yelling at the pack. One guy had the balls to yell back to me, "You yell at us every year. You shouldn't live there." K had to hold me back, lol. Luckily the neighbor let that guy have it. Obviously if we have to yell at you every year, you're not following our rules for land access. 

We've had the DNR come out and they'll issue tickets if we want but the problem is then we wonder about any retaliation. The bar owner is a friend of ours and we enjoy peace and quiet from the bar spring-fall but winter sucks because of the snowmobilers. He yells at them and he also goes out onto the lake and marks the route that is DNR trail approved to the bar but people love taking the shortcuts because the old neighbors across from us lived there for years and allowed it. Because they come so close to our house and the side of the house that the nursery is on, we are very leary of the next winter. Neighbor is down for a snow fence (think those ugly bright orange plastic-y fences) along the front of both of our properties. Idk. I'm not sure what I want to do. I just know that with the bunny due in December and us being sleep deprived in the winter with a very newborn - I will be damned if those assholes come buzzing past our bedroom windows at 2 am (normal behavior for them) and wake us all up. Believe you me, heads will roll.

So does this mean we're moving? I still doubt it. LOL. Just getting it all out there. Sort of pros and cons and am I completely and absolutely nuts for thinking about this.

So does this mean we're moving? I still doubt it.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Heartbeats (and anxiety)

Yesterday was such an amazing day. At my first OB appointment I got to hear the bunny's heartbeat for the first time! What a truly beautiful sound. I cried.  I didn't want him to stop letting me listen. Of course now I want to go out and buy one of my own dopplers, haha.

I had been having major anxiety the last 48 hrs leading up to the appointment. The lack of symptoms I was having plus the long three week wait did not bode well for my nerves. Luckily my doctor is understanding of the reasoning behind the anxiety. He has been my ob/gyn through most of my infertility struggles. Because of this, he is not going to make me go to once a month appointments. I get to go in every two weeks and at least hear the heartbeat. I could have kissed him. 

Today I had a progesterone level check and I plummeted. It went down to 27, which is the lowest it's been since the ER. Because of that, I have to bring the PIO back up to 1.9 and recheck in one week. I know 27 is still an acceptable number but I still hate that it's so up and down. I wonder if the big rise last week (low 40s to 63) was maybe a reading error. Who knows. The good thing is that at yesterday's appointment, my dr mentioned that in a normal spontaneous pregnancy, being in the 20s is perfectly fine. That is very reassuring - even if I would much rather be way above that acceptable amount. 

So here I am at 10 weeks, still amazed that this is happening. I'm trying to manage my anxiety as best I can. K gets annoyed with me when it starts to go sky high. I can't help it. I would normally have a couple glasses of wine (ok, maybe a bottle) to calm nerves if needed before, lol. Can't do that now! :)

In other updates, it looks as though my IL shower date has been set. I will be 30 wks and we figured that would be best for traveling. We're also trying to plan a short trip as a babymoon/birthday trip. I really just want to lay on a beach somewhere. I just don't want to break the budget for it.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Random Sunday musings

Anyone who knows me knows what a huge, huge Chicago Blackhawks fan I am. 

They just lost in OT in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals and I want to puke. At least I'm not sick from morning sickness. Upside, lol?

I forgot to do a level check update on here this past Thursday. I only need the progesterone checks now and it came back at 62 so that was great! I got to drop the Crinone!! Woo hoo - no more cooch cream as I've lovingly referred to it as (to everyone, even my dad. I have no filter - or shame apparently). I also got to decrease my PIO to 1.8. My goodness I can't wait to be off of that shit. My ass is so lumpy (ok more than what it was normally, haha) and painful to the touch most days. Wednesday night's shot was the worst one to date. It was excruciating from the moment the needle hit the cheek to the second it came out. And on top of that, I shot blood everywhere. Horror movie, Hollywood production caliber all over K and the floor. It goes without saying that I'll stay on this crap my entire pregnancy if needed - but man - I really better not need to. I'm about at the breaking point with it, lol. 

This weekend we had my MIL, FIL, and BIL up for my MIL's birthday. The boys went to a motorcycle race most of the day on Saturday so that left MIL and I to go looking at some baby stores. We went to the two local (well, ok still 30 miles away but that's the only places available) stores that sell cribs and took a look at what they have. As much as I want to spend $500+ on an American made, solid beechwood, certified greenguard crib, I just don't know that I can get the practical side of me to do it. K looked at me like I was nuts for the most part. 

Of course this led to me then questioning what I even envision the nursery looking like. My whole geography/map look has never been K's top choice. And I don't want to know the sex of the baby so that makes it a tad harder for me to choose a gender neutral look. I wanted mint walls. So I bought 6 samples of mint paint on Saturday and MIL and I put them up on one of the nursery walls. I liked a total of zero. Sad face. Now I've moved on to doing something I didn't plan on- a true character theme in Curious George. K and I love CG. As in we dvr the PBS cartoons and watch them ourselves. We're weird, we're ok with it ;-) Pottery Barn had a nursery bedding set a few years ago that I absolutely love. Naturally it was discontinued a long, long time ago. You'd think I could find it on ebay or something. Nope. No dice. And naturally it was out during my long break so I wasn't thinking about anything baby back then or I imagine I would have bought it just to have back then. Sigh. I will figure it out even if I have to piece it together here and there. I don't want something over the top, just tastefully decorated with George things. Well, I want that for today at least. Ask me again in a week if I'm still doing this, lol.

The other thing we did on Saturday was have a new queen mattress set delivered for the guest room (soon to be nursery). In the room prior was a full sized set. The queen absolutely dwarfs the room, lol. Obnoxiously so. It's only temporary as it will move into my craft room. The new bed opened up a whole new floodgate for K and me. Our bedrooms are solidly on the small size. We ended up going to look at some open houses today with MIL. Smh. We found basically our dream "family home." We can afford it provided I continue working after the baby comes. So now we're sitting here weighing our options on what the heck we should be doing. We are nuts. Although I'm betting we just stay, it's very tempting to look at bigger houses.

I hate to admit how much I was starting to get used to the idea of me going part-time (at the very least) and being able to stay home. I always assumed I would work. After starting to look into daycare prices, for some reason they think up here is equivalent to Chicago suburb daycare prices. Ok, maybe not quite that much, but for a L-MCOL area, full time monthly rates will eat up more than half my monthly take home pay. In the end we will be "tight" no matter what we do: work full time/pay full time rates or not work (or part time)/no daycare (or part time daycare). I know this is hardly a new problem in today's world. I'm on the lucky end that even contemplating this is a huge good fortune. For that I am grateful to no end.

I have my OB appointment on Wednesday and I am getting so incredibly restless waiting for it. This past Tuesday I had my pregnancy education meeting and when I asked about ultrasounds, she replied, "Well, once you've established a viable pregnancy, you most likely wouldn't require another until 20 weeks." I told her, "Um yeah, that is not going to fly with me. I don't care if insurance doesn't pay for it, I promise you I will have a few before then." She took some more information and then I think the fact that I'm an IF patient took hold and so she assured me that they would do their best to calm my fears with this pregnancy. She told me that she'll make sure we do a bedside u/s this week so I'm greatly looking forward to it. I hope that this time I get to actually hear the heartbeat in addition to seeing it. 

Because this pregnancy has been fairly uneventful (knock on wood), I still have a lot of moments that I question if I even am pregnant or not. I'm generally tired most evenings - sometimes in bed before 7 pm - but overall, some mild nausea and moodiness but that's about it. I haven't thrown up in weeks. No heartburn in weeks either. I'm happy to have a nice easy time so far but some nights I tell K that I really do sometimes wish to feel absolutely sick so I know I'm still pregnant. Hysterically stupid I know ;-) I did that on Friday night and ended up sick to my stomach an hour later laying in bed, lol. I said a huge thank you prayer right before I fell asleep!! :-) 

Naturally everyone is guessing boy for me because "they" say little boys are easier on mom. I laugh and say, yeah let me go get the old wives tale book and we'll test them all out. The only reason why I'm rooting for a girl? I know the name and am completely in love with it. As for boys names? I'm in love with nothing. There's a couple we like but nothing jumps out at us. Not to offend anyone but we are not fans of trendy names, "soft" boy's names, or any of the Aiden, Jaden, Caden, Brayden types. I was actually nice there. We in fact hate them, lol. Not our style in the least. We also completely hate misspelled names. I absolutely hate having to correct my name and my spelling of my first name is both common and the accepted alternate form. Different strokes for different folks obviously. 

Well, I think I've typed out my sadness over my NHL season coming to an end. I'll try to make sure to post on Wednesday evening with an update on how my 10week appointment went. I apologize for the rambling and for any grammar/clarity issues as I'm not even bothering to proof tonight, tisk tisk.

Have a great week everyone!