Friday, August 29, 2014

Pregnant + Sick = no fun

I ended up getting sick this past week and it's been pretty miserable. I always knew that pregnant women can't really take most meds to help combat but I was hoping that whenever I did end up getting sick, it wouldn't be that bad. I'm on day four of being sick and it's back to just getting all the congestion out. Wednesday was terrible. I spiked a low grade fever and had horrible aches. Ugh! Luckily I am on the mend now. I would venture to say that if I didn't get sick again this pregnancy, I wouldn't complain one bit. Like, at all. ;)

This is week 22 for me! I will even share the picture I took while trying on clothes that I ordered from Kohl's. Sick and all.

I have been searching high and low for a diaper bag that I am in love with and I am falling short. I had it picked out but then I was stupid and didn't buy it during a sale and the Dusty Jade Elizababy Marc Jacobs is long gone. I did just order a Vera Bradley Make a Change Baby Bag today though. They have a 75% off sale going on and I had a birthday month coupon for $20 off of a $50 purchase so I used it and got a good deal. I'm not in love with this bag online because of the placement of the changing mat (thinking about public restrooms) but for $50 I will try it out. It seems roomy enough. 

Hopefully we will be able to wrap up some projects around the house and be able to concentrate on the nursery now. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Anatomy Scan: Check!

I'm 21 weeks now! I'm having no cravings, aversions, pains, etc. I am a little bit more weepy though. I completely love all the movements I've been feeling. They are the best reward right now!

Our anatomy scan was this past Monday and I was so happy to get to see the bunny again! We are still very much Team Green. Bunny is measuring in the 70th percentile and everything checked out normal and on track. We are so thankful for that! The little one refused to cooperate with taking his hands away from his face so we weren't able to get super awesome clear shots but that's ok. Bunny did share both feet readily though, hahaha.

We bought a glider/ottoman last night for the nursery! That is our first big furniture purchase for the room. I am part of a local mommy swap group on fb and someone was selling their super high end version for peanuts. I couldn't pass that deal up!

Here are the latest Bunny pics:

 ETA: Oh yeah....I also turned 30 this week. Eeeeeek! hahaha :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

20 Weeks - Halfway done!

I have made it to the halfway point! 

Such an exciting week too. I *really* felt bunny move yesterday. It was super strong and...quite odd too. I get why they call it flutters or gas bubbles. It totally felt bubbly. 

Then today we went to our first baby related class: water birthing at our hospital. It was really cool. I really hope that all goes well with the rest of the pregnancy and that I have no complications so I can go down that route for childbirth. They have 13 birthing suites but only one dedicated tub room. To clarify, each suite has a bathtub with jacuzzi but the water tub room has the large, super sized special tub. The tub is first come first served to the woman who gets to active labor (5-7 cm) first. They have the blowup portable tub to use in a second room if for some reason there happens to be more than one woman who wants the birthing tub.

Let's see, what else? I have my anatomy scan coming up this Monday. I can't wait to see bunny again. It's been way to long ;-) 

And since I have no shame, I will share my bump pic from tonight. I should probably retake this when I'm not in a lounge shirt and my pj shorts. Oh well. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

19.5 weeks

And I absolutely adore my bunny bump. I am completely and utterly head over heals in love with this bunny. I am so lucky.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dear Bunny

Dear Bunny, 

I've never felt so happy as I do right now. Knowing you are growing in my belly right now is the most amazing and gratifying experience in my life. Sometimes I feel bad that your daddy doesn't get to go through this experience in the same way I do. He does love to talk to you and give you kisses on my belly though. Every morning before he leaves he makes sure to tell you to behave for me and he blows you raspberries.

After each appointment with mommy's doctor where I get to hear your little heart beating away, I say a thankful little prayer in the car when I leave. I already love you so much little bunny. You are my world. I would die for you and you aren't even here yet. You've given me an easy pregnancy thus far. I wish I could take advantage of your calm demeanor and chill a bit. Mommy is just so afraid that something could harm you. I promise to work on it. 

Here we are halfway to meeting you. While I wish you were fully baked tomorrow and we could finally meet you, I'm more than happy to have you continue cooking for another 20 weeks. Your Auntie is set on you coming out on her and your grandpa's birthday. That means you can be the 3rd generation born on Christmas Eve. It's up to you for the most part, lol. You are coming out in 2014, that's your first order. Mommy and Daddy are getting that tax refund little one. No matter what day you come into this world, you will be the best present anyone could ever ask for. 

Well my little bunny, have fun in there for now. We love you very much.