Sunday, September 28, 2014

Going Green

As I prepare for bunny's arrival I find myself falling deep into the black hole that some might consider "granola" or "crunchy"...and I'm kind of nerd-ily (totally made that word up) excited about it.

We are going to attempt to (primarily) cloth diaper! I might have mentioned this idea before on here but I'm not sure - and I'm too lazy to go figure that out. As a newborn I think we will stick with disposables to make life a little bit easier during the transition to having a baby. I also will most likely use them whenever we travel home for the weekends or when convenience wins out for being out and about.

These are a few of our main reasons for heading down this route.

1) Waste reduction. This is both in terms of carbon footprint and personal waste reduction. You see, we don't have garbage pickup here at our house. Most people have this provided for them in their taxes. Not us. Not sure what all gets paid with my high taxes (% wise even though we are LCOL, it's a very high %) because we don't get plowed, no curbs, no city fire or police, ok schools, and no garbage pick up but... Every Saturday we have to haul our garbage to the "dump." Which the "dump" isn't that big stinky mound you would normally picture. It's actually a bunch of dumpsters that is located just down the road. It's not that bad of a chore. Sure we could pay the $50-75 per month fee for collection but I'm cheap so we don't. The only time it really sucks is when we are gone for a weekend and have to wait another week before we can drop off (since it's only open on Saturdays). With that said, if we start adding the million and a half disposable diapers a baby will go through - that is a lot more garbage to haul.

When we get to the global environment impact, I just simply feel better with helping to reduce our waste. Plain and simple on that front for me.

2) Hopefully a cheaper expense. Again, I am cheap (ok frugal is a better word) where I can be. Many people make the case that there are added expenses for water and electricity (which, to be fair, can negate environmental impact pluses) and they would be right. For us, we are on a well so there is no water cost for us. We also hang dry many of our clothes as it is. Seriously - I hang dry all my clothes except t-shirts and panties. I'm ok with continuing that habit with diapers.

3) Chemicals. This one isn't a major deterrent for me when talking about disposables. I'm not one that claims all those gel beads or plastic components are the devil. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. I don't have enough info to make that call. But I do feel that it's one more natural thing that I can do for bunny that might help prevent rashes or discomfort. We shall see.  

Well, that's our plan for now. I am sure I will have some more to say on it as time goes on. For now I'm busy learning about and hunting down bargains.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Rachael and the terrible horrible no good very bad week

Apparently the Alexander children's book was made into a movie starring Steve Carrell and is soon to be released! If only it had been released today...I would have bought the first tickets that's for sure. 

Where oh where to begin. And as a warning, this is a very TMI type of post.

Let's start with bright and early, 7:30 a.m., on Monday morning for starters. I'm fresh out of the shower and my phone is ringing. K had a blowout on the highway nearly into the town he works in nearly 30 minutes away. Of course this vehicle didn't have a jack in it (naturally) so I had to run it down to him on the side of the road. The poor guy had to struggle with the wind blasts of semis and cars blowing past going 65+. Let me take this minute to remind you, if you see a car on the shoulder, move the hell over. Don't be an ass and stay in that lane if you have a choice. It's just common courtesy and helps prevent accidents and injury. Anyway, he got the spare on and then we went and got four new tires put on. I got home around 11 am and decided to work from home from that point rather than waste another 30 minutes driving up to my office. 

Work week from hell commenced. If it could go wrong, it did. Deadlines weren't met by others so that bled into my work and left me pulling my hair out and apologizing left and right for all the changes that needed to happen. Add in some interesting "gossip" for tentative plans if I don't come back from maternity leave - which I've never said was the case - and you get a frustrated pregnant woman.

Then we get to today. Now I know that there are a million pg women who end up having an insane gag reflex when brushing their teeth. I've been lucky to escape that other than some slight gurgles when doing my tongue scrape. This morning I got out of the shower and was brushing my teeth. Mind you I pretty much air dry after a brief toweling off and don't bring my clothes into the bathroom with me. So I scrape my tongue and I end up getting queasy to the max. I thought I would be able to keep the acid down but I was wrong. Way wrong. I made it to the toilet and started the joy of puking happened. Pregnant bladder strikes. I couldn't stop it. I peed myself while still throwing up. Yup. All down my legs and on the floor. 

Needless to say I jumped back into the shower to clean up once again and then cleaned up the floor before getting to work. And yes, the work week continued to be a shitstorm even today. 

So that's my story. Quite the week huh? Dear lord if bunny wasn't in my belly you better believe a bottle or two of wine would have been consumed tonight. Instead I bought a single serve of wine and then felt way to guilty to consume it. My water tastes scrumptious ;-)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The crying

Oh the crying.

I do believe the sentimental hormones have kicked in full force now. I cannot watch anything heartwarming (or heartbreaking) regarding animals or babies without crying lately. 

I was just watching the 90s movie Fools Rush In and as soon as the baby is born, tears started flowing. I keep thinking about how in just a few short months that will be us meeting bunny. Granted we won't be at the top of the Hoover Dam like in the movie but ya know what I mean. 

Yesterday was 100 days until my due date so that means that today is the first day in double digits for the countdown. I am so excited. I feel like it is so far off but yet right around the corner. I'm still caught in the cycle of wanting it to be bunny day today and never wanting the pregnancy to end. I am loving this way too much (lol - not even possible!)

K came home yesterday and remarked that bunny got bigger for sure this week. I love it. I love seeing my belly get bigger. I wish my face wasn't getting that chunky look to it again but I can deal. No biggie. My boob have gotten larger too. That much I have noticed on my own. I'm honestly wondering how the heck I am going to contain them in a few weeks. I was always larger chested even when thin. When heavier they were big but then again so was I. When I lost the 40 lbs earlier this year they started to get smaller which was nice. I'm now back to filling out all my "fat bras." I need to start figuring out where I am going to buy the "omg" size nursing bras soon. Or I may just have to figure out how to live in sports bras - even with dress shirts, haha.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dear Bunny 2

I really, really, really love you. With all of my heart, with every breath I take. Carrying you the last 25.5 weeks has been nothing short of a miracle and a blessing. 

After my last letter to you, you listened to my request. At 20 weeks on the dot you decided to say hi with a big old kick. I was sitting at my desk at work around 3pm and there it was - my first hello from you. I had to message one of my close work friends and tell her right away that I thought that was you. I hadn't felt anything like it before. Very butterfly-ish. Slightly alien. 100% awesome. 

Since then you seem to be following in mommy and daddy's footsteps in our night owl tendencies. You're usually quiet when I'm at work (I know - it's boring) and then in the evening it's time for you to play. I apologize if I have a little too much fun poking back at you lately. Now that you've gotten bigger I'm starting to actually see your movements. I love seeing my belly bounce. A week ago today you let your daddy feel one of your kicks for the first time. I wish you could have seen the smile on his face. He loves you so much and I know that he must have felt the same way I did when I first felt you. 

No matter if we are able to give you siblings one day, you complete our family. You are our missing link. We have waited for you for so long. It still hardly feels real. I will tell you this a million and a half times from now until forever but I love you so much and am blessed to be your mommy.

Keep growing inside there my precious little bunny. Keep hop, hop, hopping around all you want. 


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nothings (boring nothing update)

I had the crib mattress delivered to my front door yesterday. That was a fun little (big) package but it was super light! Here I was pulling into the driveway thinking, "Oh great, how is this pregnant lady going to lift this dang thing?" Turns out we were super smart with our selection as the mattress is incredibly light (we chose the Sealy soybean foam core for the record). Now if only we had any trace of a nursery in the works, lol. ;-) 

It's really been an uneventful week for me. I feel boring. K is in Chicago for work and I'm chilling here on my own. I had all these grand ideas of me deep cleaning and getting ohsomuch done while he was gone. Yeah, no. I have successfully done one load of wash, put away dishes, swept the hallway, and that's about it. Oh well.

There was really no need to write this all done. I'm seriously laughing at how boring this entry is. All I can say is that bunny is still moving and I am so in love with him/her. I never want this pregnancy to end but yet cannot wait to meet bunny.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Relationships through pregnancy

This isn't a venting post by any means. It's actually about a "side effect" of this pregnancy that involves my marriage.

They always say that your engagement period should be the happiest time in your life. Mine wasn't that's for sure. Granted that isn't because of K and me fighting back then, it was because of my mom, lol. However, this "engagement" period definitely is. Maybe it's a re-do being granted to us. K has been hands down the absolute best during this entire process. 

He was a huge motivator, support system, and partner in my weight loss journey. He continued to be that same force for me during the IVF cycle - always going out of his way to do that little extra, always keeping me positive when I was needing it. He has been my rock. When I've been scared and afraid and my nerves are shot, he's been there to calm me down with a hug and a kiss.

So why am I writing this? Because I "swapped custody" of him with his mom for the week. I just got home from meeting his mom down in Milwaukee so he could go back to Chicago for the week for work. I joked that it wasn't mommy and daddy swapping custody - it was wifey swapping with mommy. ;-) Luckily he's a momma's boy in all the right ways. Anyway...I've been without him for a couple hours and I honestly miss him tremendously right now. 

I'm a big girl. I've lived on my own, moved states on my own, etc. I'm my own person. But you know what? I want my best friend here. I'm spoiled compared to many other women out there. He doesn't have to travel for work often and he isn't a service member who gets deployed so I really (really!) don't have a leg to stand on at all...but I miss him. I miss his hand on bunny every chance he gets. He actually felt bunny move for the first time a couple days ago and it was magical. His smile after that happened was incredibly heart warming.

He was super cute today before he left. He made sure to cut the lawn, change a few light bulbs (because "don't you dare get up on a ladder like last time I left for work") and installed a new smoke detector outside our bedroom so that he could sleep easier at night with me and bunny being up here alone this week. How sweet is that?? 

So that's my brag on the husband post. I haven't done it enough lately but I assure you I have been telling him how much I love him and appreciate all he has been doing for our family. I am a lucky girl for sure. (and no...he doesn't read this blog so I'm not sucking up hahaha)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Viability Day

Today is a huge, huge milestone that little Bunny is crossing. Today is Viability Day and in the world of pregnancy that means that today is the day doctors would step in and do what they can in order to save bunny should something go terribly wrong. Of course today would be the day that I'm sitting here at work wondering why I'm not feeling any movement whatsoever today. I'm hoping that bunny is just taking a slumber day because of all the activity we did this weekend, lol.

Speaking of those activities, this weekend was a blast. We went home to Chicago and on Saturday K, my BFF, and our WI bff went to see Garth Brooks on his giant comeback tour. It was fabulous. My BFF and I had gone to see him with my dad way back when we were maybe freshmen in high school or something so we knew we had to go together when he came back.

Our shower invites for our main shower were mailed out by my MIL on Friday and people have already started RSVPing according to her and my mom. I am so excited! They are (with my help for some decor DIY) doing a matching Curious George theme to the shower. I helped them get the invites by going on etsy and purchasing a CG file that was customized for us. It came out so incredibly cute. I can't wait to frame my copy and hang it on bunny's wall, lol.

My dad and stepmom are coming up to visit us this coming weekend and then on Sunday K has to go back down to Chicago for a week for some training class for work. I'm thinking about coming back down the end weekend of his training for a "do whatever at home" weekend. Whenever we come home we have millions of plans and places to be. This way I can bum around and do whatever the heck I feel like doing. We'll see though. I could use the time around the house too.