Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Single digit week countdown

Only 9 more weeks until my due date and 5.5 working weeks left for me! 

I am taking Thanksgiving week off and then my last day of work will be December 12th. I am playing Russian roulette with my time off though. I have 13 days left to use up for 2014. We can't roll over any days with my company unfortunately. The first week of my paid maternity leave is actually only paid if you use your own days. Because of where my due date falls, as well as the holidays and the fact that I have no idea when I will give birth, it complicated knowing how many days to "save." So because of the uncertainty I am just going to use all my days right at the end of the year. I might end up losing some since my short term disability/mat leave will kick in the moment I give birth. 

I've picked up a few more cloth diapers via swap sites and ebay. Once those arrive I believe I will be at 20 in our stash. I really need to get some inserts. Those are what I am lacking big time. So far my stash includes Bum Genius 4.0 and Freetimes, Fuzzibunz pockets, Flips, Kawaii, and Rumparoos. I'd like to get a couple more, possibly some covers (Best Bottoms or Blueberries maybe?) and some more AIOs.

Our guest bedroom is overflowing with the baby items and we will be going home this weekend to pick up the rest of the items we left last week (well and to celebrate Halloween) and then my much smaller WI shower is this Sunday. 

I will also have you know that as I was typing this pg brain attacked and I had a whole other subject or point or topic or....something...in mind to write about and I can't remember what it is to save my life. Ugh! Well, I guess it will just have to wait until next time.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

30 Weeks!

The top 3 pictures were taken back home in Chicago. We had our maternity pictures taken on Friday the 17th down at Lincoln Park Zoo and then our shower was the next day. The last picture is from the shower. I had such a wonderful weekend. Bunny is completely loved by many. We had 58 people attend (including us)! I would have loved to have invited more friends but the venue we had the shower only allows for 80. I know about 90 invites went out, lol. Those grandmothers like to invite everyone ;-)

I can't believe it's over though. I've been looking forward to this for months and months and months. It's sort of sad :( I also can't believe that I am 3/4 baked now! How am I 30 weeks along? I don't want this to end by any stretch of the imagination. I've loved every second of this. I will gladly carry bunny for another 9 months. I know I sound like a broken record but it's the truth.

I've also, for the most part, scheduled my tentative leave dates. Since I still have a ton of vacation time left for 2014, I am going to take the week of Thanksgiving off and then my last day before leave will be December 12th. I'm running the risk of "losing" some of my time off if bunny comes early since it is "use it or lose it" and you can't roll over any time. But if we just pretend that bunny is going to come on its due date, that will give me almost 3 weeks leading up to the birth to relax and get prepared...and to nap. Napping will be nice. Then on the other end of my leave, I am planning on going back to work on March 2nd. To do so, I will have 6 or 8 weeks of paid leave from work and then I will take an unpaid week of FMLA and a week of my 2015 vacation time. That is again assuming a due date birth. But that's my plan so far. That means that after tomorrow, I only have 7 working weeks left! Holy crap!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Amazing Bunny Pics

Today we had our 3D/4D imaging session and it started off with bunny not cooperating one little bit. The appointment was at 10:15 am and I should have known bunny wouldn't want to be awake and moving at that point in the day. Bunny was laying in the worst possible location (across my belly, head facing my feet) to get super clear pictures. We had mentioned that we were going to be running errands in the area so she said to come back in a couple hours after walking around, eating lunch, and drinking a bottle of orange juice. 

I was so afraid that the return appointment was going to be a bust. I really wanted to have a couple new pictures of bunny to use at my shower next weekend. After some more poking and prodding, bunny moved a teeny bit so that we were able to get some shots. One thing has stayed very consistent with this little stinker - s/he loves its feet! Bunny had them all rolled up onto its face and forehead, lol. It might not have helped with the image quality but at least it was cute to watch. And omg, the little yawns we watched were freaking adorable. Heart is completely melted - even more than it already was. 

Naturally I must share some of my favorites. 

Say hi to bunny:

Monday, October 6, 2014

1 Hr Glucose Test, end of 2nd Tri and other randoms

A few days ago on Friday I had the dreaded 1 hour glucose test. You all know I've been pretty confident in knowing the chances of me passing were slim. I'm a PCOSer with insulin resistance plus I was on PIO for 22 wks (there are studies showing a correlation between progesterone and gestational diabetes). So going into all this, I was laughing to myself and others that if I passed I'd be more shocked. 

Well...color me shocked. I passed: 125. Holy crap! I'm freaking thrilled! It's not like I wanted to have GD but I was prepared for it. 

During my visit I also got the flu and Tdap (pertussis) shots as well as had my blood drawn to test for hep c in order to clear me for water birth. All is well. I never get the flu shot in a normal year but because bunny will be born in December in Wisconsin, in the middle of flu season with no protection, what little things I can give him/her as a shield you darn well better believe I will do it. I'm also going to have a conversation with all the grandparents and make sure that they have their shots as well if they plan on coming up and visiting. We gotta keep bunny healthy and adorable :) 

I can't believe how fast my shower and maternity pics are coming up...under two weeks to go now! I'm so excited to see all our family and friends. I have a feeling I will shed some tears. I finally found a dress to wear to the shower. It's not exactly what I wanted to wear- black lace and silver/white background that I will pair with a cardigan. I wanted something bright and bold but...plus sized maternity clothes selection sucks. Like big donkey balls sucks. I also am so close to finalizing my maternity picture outfit. I just need to find the right jewelry now. 

And in other exciting news...today is my first day in my 3rd Trimester!!!! Holy crap y'all! This is going by way too fast. How am I in the 3rd tri? I only have 12 weeks left, 84 days until my due date. I feel like it was just spring two days ago. I'm so in love with this baby and this pregnancy. I'm so blessed.   

And for fun, I will share some pics from the last few weeks. And yes, I do love this dress. To death. I wear it every week for my weekly pictures I make K take of me. And then as a bonus I happened to be wearing it when I got to meet the Governor when he did a press conference at my work last week :)
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