Sunday, June 28, 2015


New week, almost new month, new start. I'm organizing a few things right now. One of them is pretty major. 

About a month ago I was named co-chair of the Walk of Hope!! I'm so freaking excited and honored to be bringing this amazing event and fundraiser to my hometown. The best part is that I get to do this with a very awesome friend. We met through an online IF message board 7 years ago and have become very good friends. She and her husband are still in the trenches so I am happy that we get to do this together - another great way to say FUIF!

The other is me creating a group for some of my IF girls so that we can organize and clean our houses. A challenge group, lol. To say I have a lot of work on my hands around the house is an understatement. I feel like since Bunny came along I have been just getting by on that front. She's not the type of baby I can just put down on the ground and she will amuse herself for hours. I really want to get rid of all the massive piles of clutter we have in this house. I want to have a garage sale and sell what I can and then donate or toss the rest. I actually feel like the walls are closing in some days. With my dad and stepmom selling their house and moving, they had all us kids come over and take what is ours. I now also have my childhood (wooden, antique?) highchair, bassinet, and rocking horse. You know, not like I am not already swimming in baby. ;) 

So lots going on. Lots on every front. I'm exhausted. Bunny has had a rough buncha weeks. Mommy has too. But I suppose that's a post for another day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dear Bunny (Happy 6 Months!)

My goodness how I love thee. I am absolutely captivated by your spirit and your sparkle. I cannot believe that it has been 6 months since you came into our lives. How is that even remotely possible? I still feel like I should be baking you in my belly for another few months. Instead, in only a few short minutes, you will be closer to your first birthday than you will the day you were born. You are one half away from no longer being an infant. Seriously, how is this possible? 

My life does revolve around you and I wouldn't have it any other way. Neither would your daddy. The choice to be home with you has been amazing. I get to see you grow and develop each and every day. In the last month you have learned how to sit unassisted for long periods. You have tried carrots and love them like a good little bunny should. You went swimming for the first time and you were mommy's little fish. Thank goodness because mommy loves the water herself. You also made my heart melt only just yesterday when you said "mama" - calling out for me from your swing. Oh how that made me feel. It's indescribable. Your voice is the sweetest thing I have ever heard in my life. 

You are precious. You are amazing. You are intelligent. You are beautiful.

Oh my dear bunny, the last six months of being your mom have been the most incredible months of my life. You changed me. In every way possible. You complete your daddy and me. From the tips of our toes to the top of our heads, we love you. Forever and always my dear sweet bunny. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Exposed & Catch Up

Hello again.

Yes I've been absent - and it's only partially due to being busy with a baby. 

This used to be the place I knew I could come to and put it all out on the page. I can say, vent, cry, ramble on about whatever I wanted. Now I really don't have that option anymore. I am contemplating taking this private. Which sucks because I enjoy having the feedback. And I really want to leave our IF struggle public so that when someone who is in the trenches stumbles upon this blog they can read all they want. 


Being home with Bunny is amazing. It's stressful and exhausting but in the very best ways. I do miss working at times though. I enjoyed that "adult" portion of my life so it's weird to not have that anymore. I also thought that I would have all the time in the world to get things done around the house now that I'm home. Ha! Hahahaha. I'm hoping that almost 6 month olds are all this needy because if not, Bunny is attached to my hip. And who am I kidding? I am quite happy to have her love her momma like that. 

I have taken a couple longer trips down to Chicago so far - once for Mother's Day/her Baptism and once to help cheer up my grandma who is recovering from knee replacement surgery. Her baptism was wonderful and my grandparents from Texas were able to make the trip up to meet her. We stayed out at my dad's house and it was a fabulous time. While there my dad and step-mom did confirm that they are going to be making the move to Texas sooner rather than later. Sooner meaning as soon as their house sells. Of course I am happy that they will now be down there for my grandparents but after all the fighting we did a few years back, I'm sad to see them go. We are all in a great place with each other right now and I'm going to miss it. I honestly love spending time with that side of my family as much as I can. I miss my grandparents so much again. I am thinking about taking Bunny down to Texas this summer or early fall to visit and then we are planning on driving down for Thanksgiving. 

What else? Oh yeah, I'm so incredibly homesick. We've been having serious discussions about moving home again. We have a lead on a house we might want and K has been applying to some jobs. If something works out awesome. If not, well maybe in the future. 

Bunny continues to grow and amaze me every single day. She turns 6 months old next week and I just can't believe that. 

Some more recent pics to share :)