Thursday, July 23, 2015


So teething blows. Like hard core.

Bunny had her first tooth pop up last Friday, the 17th. We were on our way into the campsite with family and I had my finger in her mouth and she chomped down and it HURT! I pulled it out and exclaimed, "omg you have a tooth!!!"

She is still on her not sleeping through the night kick. It's been two months. I'm tired and exhausted and grouchy a lot of the time. I don't mean to be, but I am. I feel like I'm up every hour on the hour from about midnight to six am. We are still breastfeeding away and I know some of those sessions are comfort nursing. She's getting so much more mobile that I know we have to start the transition to her crib asap but I really get sad thinking about that idea. I enjoy looking over at her, knowing she is right by my side. My little angel.

My baby is growing up.

And it realllllllly sucks.

Some days I have such a hard time with how fast it's going. She's everything. She's all that matters. I just love that little girl so darn much.