Sunday, September 27, 2015

Walk of Hope Week!!!!

Holy crap it's already Walk Week!!!! A week from today at this exact time I will have my feet up and I might actually have a glass of wine to celebrate the completion of the first ever Resolve Chicagoland Walk of Hope. 

In just a few short months I have managed to put together a pretty darn respectable event (well, hopefully) if I do say so myself. I think we will hit 350 walkers and we are making a huge push to get us to the $50,000 raised mark. If you feel so inclined....donate away! Any amount is needed and appreciated. Believe me - it is greatly appreciated!!!

The rest of this week will be spent with me in a daze with K down in Milwaukee like normal and us girls hanging out at the house together. I pray we get an offer on the house soon. We are going on week four of us living like this and it's getting old. I'm exhausted. Mentally and physically. The stress of everything is eating away at me. I would love to splurge on another massage for myself but I'm trying to behave and not spend frivolously while supporting two households. Unless K's signing bonus is on this first check. Then all bets are off. 

Anyway, here is the link to the main page for our walk. Check us out and if you can help monetarily or if you would like to be a day-of volunteer, please feel free to contact me!


Sunday, September 13, 2015


So many things have been happening in this house! Not all of them baby related either! Now that's the shocker, lol.

Back in March K had an interview with his dream employer down in Milwaukee. He was offered the position but the details of the position (contractor, health insurance through the staffing firm that was crappy coverage, etc) caused us to turn it down. In the backof his head he hoped that because the four people he interviewed with were so impressed with him, that they would come back to him in the future with a direct hire. Well, they did. So we are moving to Milwaukee. We've actually known for a while - the interviewing process started back in early July for him. He started last week after Labor Day weekend! I'm staying behind M-F with Bunny until our house sells.

And that brings me to, omg our house is on the market!!! I'm exhausted from all the work and cleaning we've been doing. It's so funny how everyone gets their house into the most perfect shape they can...right before they sell it and move. I've done a good job purging things so far. Back in July we rented a big dumpster and busted our butts getting rid of things - mostly a bunch of construction materials that have been accumulating over the last 5 years of projects around this place. We do finally have the laundry room complete, LOL. I promise to take some pictures and post them on here since I blogged back in the day when we started the project. We've done a ton of work to this house. I can only hope it sells quickly. I'm not worried about profit but I'd love to maximize it as much as we can so that we can put a nice down payment down on the new house. 

What else...Bunny continues to be an amazing, smart, joyous little girl. She's so mobile now. I'm still waiting on those first steps but they really can't be that far away now. I guess we will see. She is sleeping in her crib now. I finally bought a book and it made me ok to try her in her own room and it turns out all she was craving was a schedule and her own sleeping space. I was trying to be the breezy mom who let her go to bed when she felt like it and to cuddle with her as much as she allowed. Go figure that she wanted/needed the structure. Hey - whatever works! I'm no expert and I take all the advice I can get when I'm struggling. I just wasn't ready subconsciously to let her go. I miss looking over at any point in the night and seeing her sleeping in her rnp. I miss the middle of the night cuddles. I still get some in the morning when she wakes up and I bring her into my bed to feed so at least there's that. 

We are still going strong with breastfeeding. I am shocked beyond words on that one. I find myself thinking about how sad I will be when this is over too. I want to make it to a year. That is my goal. The only thing I'm ever so slightly worried about is that she's not gaining weight at all the last few months. She's so active that I'm sure that everything she is taking in, she's burning off but it still gives me pause. She also seems to not be growing in height - or in her feet! I was so frustrated that none of the shoe sizes I have for her stay on. So out of curiosity while in Carters the other day, I put a 0-3 high top on her foot - and it fit. I did have small feet growing up and into my late, late teens so I guess she gets that from me! ;)

Well, it's late and I have to be up early to get prepped and out the door by 9 am for our second showing on the house. Wish us luck!